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Jun 09, 2016
Integration Developer News

Canadia Bank plugs into FAST with Fiorano ESB
Cambodia's Canadia Bank has deployed Fiorano ESB to integrate with National Bank of Cambodia's Fast and Secure Transfer (FAST) payment system.Check out a case study here. This was launched in April last year on a trial basis with five FIs participating in the scheme, and providing services only to staff members. It was then made available to account holders at 13 commercial banks and micro deposit-taking institutions (MDIs). The aim is to enable customers to make payment transactions and fund transfers in Khmer riel instantaneously from one commercial bank or MDI to another. More »

Jun 09, 2016
Integration Developer News

Fiorano Integration Platform Offers Lifecycle Support for 'Dynamic' Enterprise Services
Fiorano is bringing together the best of SOA, APIs, microservices and real-time data architectures into a unified platform for code-free integration aimed at digital transformation projects. IDN looks at how Fiorano delivers customers an "infrastructure for dynamic enterprise services." More »

Jun 08, 2016


Fiorano ESB Goes Open Source
Fiorano open source ESB is a mature and established commercial product which is moving to open source. Unlike other open source ESBs which evolved from community driven projects, Fiorano ESB Community is an open-source version of an established commercial integration platform, allowing truly "enterprise grade" technology to be accessed by the global developer community for the first time. More »

15 Dec, 2015


Fiorano announces general availability of Fiorano MQTT: the preferred messaging protocol for the IoT revolution
Fiorano Software, a leading provider of enterprise integration and messaging infrastructure technology, today announced general availability of Fiorano MQTT, the enterprise scale MQTT message broker. More »

03 Dec, 2015


LTL Logistics leader Polaris Transportation accelerates revenues using the Fiorano platform
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration and messaging middleware solutions, today announced that the Fiorano Platform has been deployed by Polaris Transportation, a leader in LTL (Less-than Truck Load) shipment services between Canada and USA. More »

May 6, 2015

Large UAE Bank

Fiorano 'Out Of The Box' Integration Streamlines Core Banking at Large UAE Bank, Achieving 70% Productivity Gains
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration and messaging middleware solutions, today announced that the Fiorano Platform has been deployed by a large UAE Bank to integrate its core banking system with disparate applications, enabling faster time to market and an order of magnitude reduction in the complexity of the core banking application. More »

Apr 16, 2015


Fujifilm Streamlines Sales Processes with Fiorano
Fiorano Software today announced that Fujifilm, a global leader in digital imaging, has deployed the Fiorano platform in Fujifilm India to integrate its front-end and back-end applications, significantly reducing operational complexity and increasing return on investments. More »

Mar 25, 2015

Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft takes off with Fiorano
Fiorano Software today announced that Cirrus Aircraft, a recognized leader in general aviation, has deployed the Fiorano platform to enforce new IT architectural standards to scale its engineering and manufacturing processes. More »

Mar 17, 2015

Delaware North

Fiorano Real-time Data Integration Opens New Areas of Opportunity for Hospitality Leader Delaware North
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, announced that the Fiorano platform was deployed at Delaware North to integrate disparate systems and to aggregate and enable real-time data processing More »

Feb 09, 2015

Service-Oriented Architecture: Enabler of the Digital World
"The main change is that instead of going 'enterprise-wide' with a massive strategy and calling in Accenture and others to 'solve' the 'SOA problem' or lay out a grand architecture, the customer wants to solve tactical problems fast," according to Atul Saini, CEO of middleware vendor Fiorano Software. "The pressures of cloud, social computing and mobile devices make rapid delivery of projects even more critical." More »


Dec 04, 2014

Fiorano Software

Enterprise Integration middleware leader, Fiorano Announces General Availability of API Management Platform
Fiorano Software, a leading provider of enterprise integration and messaging infrastructure technology today announced general availability of Fiorano API Management, enabling companies to expose Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to unique corporate data to create value that many companies have difficulty unlocking on their own. More »

Nov 17, 2014
Market Watch

Fiorano Software: API Management for Everyone
This scrappy Palo Alto and Bengaluru-based vendor competed successfully in the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) market with the middleware behemoths of the time, including IBM, Oracle, Software AG WebMethods, and TIBCO, to name a few. While other smaller vendors were either acquired or dropped off the radar, the secret to Fiorano's survival was a critical architectural decision that differentiated their ESB in fundamental ways. More »

Oct 16, 2014

NHS Wale

Fiorano Software Partners with Anabatic Technologies
Fiorano Software, a leading provider of enterprise integration middleware today announced that Anabatic Technologies, one of the leading IT companies in Indonesia has partnered with Fiorano Software to deliver business productivity solutions for the enterprise segment within Indonesia and South East Asia. More »

Oct 14, 2014

NHS Wale

NHS Wales Informatics Service chooses Fiorano Integration software
NHS Wales Informatics Service has selected Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, to provide the replacement of its current integration platform. NHS Wales is deploying the Fiorano solution to intelligently integrate its national systems, such as the Welsh Clinical Portal, Test Requesting and Results Reporting as well as providing multi-agency integration with a variety of NHS Wales organizations. More »

Sept 15, 2014

Fiorano's Event-Driven ESB Powers Quick, Accurate Medical Test Delivery, Reporting
Fiorano is helping Canadian medical lab services firm bring speed and accuracy to tests and reporting for tens of thousands of samples daily. Fiorano ESB delivers business-critical integration benefits to IT and LOB is by combining an enterprise service bus, SOA and an extensible EDA (event-driven architecture) service model. More »

Sept 03, 2014

Gamma Dynacare

Fiorano Helps Gamma-Dynacare for Quick and Accurate Reporting of Medical Tests
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, announced that Fiorano ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) has been deployed at Gamma-Dynacare, one of Canada's largest and most respected providers of medical laboratory services and solutions, for swift and accurate testing and reporting of tens of thousands of specimens each day. More »

August 29, 2014

Transforming Digital Business in 'Real-Time'
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) middleware vendor Fiorano Software leverages an innovative architecture to achieve real-time performance both in and out of the Cloud. "Fiorano implements peer-to-peer distributed ESB platform technology that allows enterprises to implement real-time systems in a linearly-scalable manner," explains Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano. More »

July 17, 2014

Aboitiz Power

Aboitiz Power Corporation Chooses Fiorano Middleware for Enterprise-Class IT Infrastructure
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, today announced that Fiorano ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) has been chosen by Aboitiz Power Corporation to integrate multiple applications and streamline business processes of its subsidiaries Visayan Electric Company and Davao Light & Power Corporation. More »

June 30, 2014
Joy Online

Ghana's banking software industry gets big boost
Global Solutions Limited/Inlaks Computers, distributors of TEMENOS banking software in West Africa, has announced a partnership with Fiorano which integrates complementary banking services such as ATM, SMS and internet banking with core banking services to boost operational efficiency and productivity among banks. More »

April 16, 2014

Atlas Editions

French Retail, Éditions Atlas Uses Fiorano SOA for Real-Time Enablement of its Global Operations
Fiorano Software announced that Éditions Atlas, a leading French retail company has deployed the Fiorano SOA platform to integrate applications across multiple European subsidiaries. More »

April 01, 2014

IG Index

IG Index Migrates to FioranoMQ to Scale Financial Transactions : Replaces IBM MQ with faster, more robust JMS system
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, announced that FioranoMQ has been deployed at IG Index, the UK's number one financial spread betting and Forex services provider. More »

March 18, 2014

Fiorano B2B

Fiorano launches B2B Gateway to Simplify Business Transactions
Fiorano Software, a leading provider of enterprise integration and messaging infrastructure technology, today announced general availability of Fiorano B2B Gateway. More »

March 18, 2014


Temenos Partners with Fiorano to Provide 'Out of the Box' Integration Solution for Banks
Fiorano Software today announced that Temenos, the market leading provider of banking software has partnered with Fiorano Software to provide Temenos T24 customers an 'out of the box' integration solution for their core banking system. More »


March 14, 2013

Federal Bank

Core Banking Integration with Fiorano ESB Enables Federal Bank to Rapidly implement National ID based Payments System
Social payments of over a billion dollars through the network to benefit millions of beneficiaries. More »

February 19, 2013

Powered by Fiorano ESB, Commercial Bank of Africa revolutionizes mobile-banking
M-Shwari logs 40,000 customers per day crossing Ksh1 billion in transactions a month with core banking integration from Fiorano. More »


June 28, 2012

Fiorano Positioned in Visionary Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Systematic Application Integration Projects

The exit of several vendors from the middleware business leaves Fiorano as the only vendor that has been featured in the Visionary Quadrant in this category for 9 straight years now; this makes it one of the most consistent innovators in the business. More »

April 5, 2012

Department Of Health

Real-estate powerhouse Brigade Group marches on with Fiorano
Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus backbone infrastructure to enable multiple integrations including, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet and SAP ERP. More »

April 4, 2012

Brigade Group

Real-estate powerhouse Brigade Group marches on with Fiorano
Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus backbone infrastructure to enable multiple integrations including, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet and SAP ERP. More »

March 20, 2012


Hotel e-commerce leader TravelClick selects FioranoMQ as messaging infrastructure for reservation systems
FioranoMQ JMS Server provides high speed, reliable and scalable messaging for delivery of intelligence and data across clients' networks. More »

March 8, 2012


Leading manufacturer/retailer streamlines operations with the Fiorano SOA Platform
Seamlessly integrates SAP ERP and systems to pipe inventory and sales data to nationwide teams in real time. More »


September 29, 2011

Fiorano Announces GA of FioranoMQ JMS Server Version 9.4 - Raises Performance Bar for High-Availability JMS Servers
Fiorano Software today announced general availability of version 9.4 of its industry leading FioranoMQ JMS Server. This latest release includes significant enhancements for improved performance, added adapters, HA Replication and eStudio along with a number of other features. More »

September 13, 2011


Fiorano Enhances Cloud Platform for Rapid Hybrid Integration Across Cloud and On-Premise Applications Powers its Cloud Platform with new connectors, pre-built integration processes and enhanced tools
This latest iteration includes new application connectors, template integration processes and several enhancements to development and monitoring tools enabling fast, efficient and cost-effective hybrid cloud integration. More »

August 29, 2011

Finnish Wireless and Automotive Technology Leader achieves sophisticated message transformation & unified SaaS integration through Fiorano - Elektrobit enables seamless communication by creating a flexible mesh of applications using Fiorano SOA
Deploys Fiorano SOA as their primary middleware architecture serving as a centralized messaging infrastructure for unifying a large number of disparate applications. Chose Fiorano for its flexibility, built-in scalability, insightful development environment and easy-to-use message transformation tools. More »

August 4, 2011


REST-Based SOA: an Iconoclastic Approach
There are two important morals here. First, REST-based SOA is alive and well, and offers straightforward solutions to many of the knottier problems that Web Services-based SOA has suffered from. But even more importantly, the success the USCG has achieved shows that any architectural approach is nothing more than a loose collection of best practices.

The SPEAR approach is taking a fully Service-oriented approach to maintaining state. They are able to do so in spite of leveraging an ESB because they selected the Fiorano ESB, which has long maintained state in a fully message-centric manner, instead of spawning threads to keep track of state as in other vendors’ ESBs. More »

July 29, 2011

Fiorano Software CEO - Atul Saini explains best options in middleware and integration
At the recently-concluded Cloud Expo 2011 in New York, TMCNet had the chance to sit down and talk with Fiorano Software's CEO and CTO - Atul Saini. He explained the advantages of Fiorano's software over that of the larger vendors and how the technology was built for a distributed network, which maps natively to the cloud today.

He goes on to compare the performance of Fiorano against competitors like IBM, and reassures potential clients by adding that many of the world's largest companies today are Fiorano customers including defense and government agencies like US Coast Guard and NASA. More »

July 13, 2011

Unicel drives innovation in Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Fiorano - Deploys Fiorano SOA platform as the middleware backbone for seamless integration delivering high performance, flexibility and scalability
Unicel has deployed Fiorano SOA as their primary middleware architecture, distributed across multiple data centers to enhance performance and reliability. Fiorano delivered high-performance, low-latency messaging as well as real-time event processing - all key requirements in telecommunications where high-throughput is critical to business performance. Fiorano SOA allowed Unicel to achieve record message transmissions of 52 million messages per day at the operator end, a feat that would have been impossible prior to implementing Fiorano. More »

June, 2011
Search SOA 

Why cloud computing providers don't get SOA
David S. Linthicum writes, "The reality is that most cloud providers out there have no clue as to the value of SOA to their core business. Rather than capture that value, they move along the path toward the cloud by selling infrastructure rather than solutions.
Making the links between SOA and the cloud is key to the success of the cloud, and further promotes the value of SOA". More »

June 09, 2011

An exclusive interview with Atul Saini, CEO, Fiorano Software at Cloud Expo, NY
In this exclusive interview with, Atul Saini outlines his vision for future of the company and stresses that Fiorano's core strength is innovation of technology. He goes on to talk about the current competition in the enterprise integration middleware market and highlights how Fiorano's architecture, which is built ground up for a distributed computing environment, drives a high rate of success in PoC scenarios. See complete interview »

June 06, 2011

SYS-CON.TV Interview - Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano Software, speaks with the Conference Chair at Cloud Expo, NY.
In this exclusive interview with conference chair Jeremy Geelan, Atul Saini reveals how Fiorano differentiates itself from the competition and always manages to be present at every crest of new computing technology. He goes on to talk about Fiorano's unique and powerful peer-to-peer and event-driven cloud platform which enables efficient implementation across cloud integration scenarios while offering optimized performance, low latency and linear scalability. See complete interview »

May 04, 2011

Fiorano adds REST support, Eclipse Studio enhancements and other significant features to messaging and integration backbone infrastructure - announces GA of latest release V9.3 of Fiorano SOA Platform and FioranoMQ JMS Server
The latest release adds important enhancements, including REST, Eclipse and security, to the already rich feature set of the Fiorano SOA Platform, making it the solution of choice for enterprises – whether they are starting on the SOA path or extending their SOA infrastructure. More »

March 28, 2011
Federal Computer 

Coast Guard makes waves with SOA – Federal 100 award winner Capt. Mike Ryan is using SOA technology to forge powerful links
Capt. Mike Ryan took command of the Coast Guard's Operations Systems Center in 2008 as the service was seeking to modernize its IT infrastructure. Under his leadership, the center developed the Semper Paratus Enterprise Architecture Realization (SPEAR) service-oriented architecture, which will save the Coast Guard millions of dollars. It has already improved data sharing and enhanced the service's response to incidents, such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The SPEAR architecture was realized through the deployment of the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus. More »

March 14, 2011

Fiorano throws down the gauntlet at messaging middleware vendors Pumps up version 9.3.0 of its turbo-charged FioranoMQ JMS Messaging Server
Highest speed and lowest latency release handily outperforms IBM and TIBCO. The newly released FioranoMQ 9.3 JMS Server includes significantly enhanced .NET support for logging and client-side persistence, simplifying the development of .NET clients over the platform. More »

January 19, 2011

Swiss hospitality major deploys Fiorano Cloud ESB to integrate with 70+ on-premise apps
Integrates with over 70 on-premise apps. Fiorano Cloud ESB Platform selected over Microsoft BizTalk and Mule Open source. The Fiorano Cloud Platform, built on the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), integrates applications across Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and In-House worlds. More »