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Mar 20, 2017
Integration Developer News

Financial IT interviews Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano Software
CEO of Fiorano Software, Atul Saini, has told how Fiorano Software got into core banking, explained the advantages of using Fiorano Infrastructure Software in terms of security and cost efficiency. Moreover, according to Atul Saini, it takes only a few weeks to integrate their solution with the whole banking system. The prospective changes in the industry sector were also shared More »

Jun 09, 2016
Integration Developer News

Fiorano Integration Platform Offers Lifecycle Support for 'Dynamic' Enterprise Services
Fiorano is bringing together the best of SOA, APIs, microservices and real-time data architectures into a unified platform for code-free integration aimed at digital transformation projects. IDN looks at how Fiorano delivers customers an "infrastructure for dynamic enterprise services." More »

Jan 14, 2016
Yahoo Finance

Fiorano Software expands footprint into Cambodian Market. Canadia Bank selects Fiorano ESB to accelerate time-to-market for new services.
Canadia Bank, one of the largest banks in Cambodia, has chosen Fiorano's technology to simplify the integration of heterogeneous satellite applications with their Temenos T24 core banking system. Fiorano ESB, underpinned with its unique peer-to-peer architecture and complimented with a pre-built library of Microservices, empowers the bank to rapidly deploy new services for its customers. More »

Sep 21, 2015

Fiorano features in the Top 20 most promising global API solution providers, 2015
The Palo Alto-based company empowers real-time, digital enterprises with a bimodal integration and API management strategy to deliver solutions across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. Fiorano's API management platform delivers security and monitoring capabilities to assess API performance, along with metering and management capabilities. More »

June 16, 2015

Digital breathes new life into service oriented architecture
It turns out that what people are now starting to call microservices are precisely the Services that Fiorano implements and has been using since 2003 More »

May 13, 2015

Peanuts, Popcorn, Crackerjack -- And Mobile-First, Digital SOA
You may not recognize its name, but you're sure to have frequented one of its venues. Buffalo, NY-based Delaware North manages and provides food and beverage concessions, retail, and more at many large venues including sports stadiums, entertainment complexes, national and state parks, airports, and casinos, ranging from the Chicago White Sox to the Kennedy Space Center. More »

Apr 16, 2015

Fujifilm achieves Real time integration of SAP to with Fiorano
With Fiorano's enterprise integration capabilities, Fujifilm's sales team productivity has improved manifold; we now have complete visibility into sales processes in real time as well as batch mode. Apart from the direct ROI, Fiorano has also allowed us to leverage our existing investments. More »

Mar 17, 2015
Yahoo Tech

Fiorano Real-time Data Integration Opens New Areas of Opportunity for Hospitality Leader Delaware North
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, announced that the Fiorano platform was deployed at Delaware North to integrate disparate systems and to aggregate and enable real-time data processing. More »

Feb 09, 2015

Service-Oriented Architecture: Enabler of the Digital World
"The main change is that instead of going 'enterprise-wide' with a massive strategy and calling in Accenture and others to 'solve' the 'SOA problem' or lay out a grand architecture, the customer wants to solve tactical problems fast," according to Atul Saini, CEO of middleware vendor Fiorano Software. "The pressures of cloud, social computing and mobile devices make rapid delivery of projects even more critical." More »


Dec 06, 2014
Market Watch

Fiorano API Management Released To Increase Enterprise Data Value
Fiorano Software, a leading provider of enterprise integration and messaging infrastructure technology today announced general availability of Fiorano API Management, enabling companies to expose Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to unique corporate data to create value that many companies have difficulty unlocking on their own. More »

Nov 17, 2014
Market Watch

Fiorano Software: API Management for Everyone
This scrappy Palo Alto and Bengaluru-based vendor competed successfully in the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) market with the middleware behemoths of the time, including IBM, Oracle, Software AG WebMethods, and TIBCO, to name a few. While other smaller vendors were either acquired or dropped off the radar, the secret to Fiorano's survival was a critical architectural decision that differentiated their ESB in fundamental ways. More »

Oct 16, 2014
Market Watch

Fiorano Software Partners with Anabatic Technologies
Fiorano Software, a leading provider of enterprise integration middleware, today announced that Anabatic Technologies, one of the leading IT companies in Indonesia has partnered with Fiorano Software to deliver business productivity solutions for the enterprise segment within Indonesia and South East Asia. More »

Oct 14, 2014

NHS Wales Informatics Service chooses Fiorano Integration software
NHS Wales Informatics Service has selected Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, to provide the replacement of its current integration platform. NHS Wales is deploying the Fiorano solution to intelligently integrate its national systems, such as the Welsh Clinical Portal, Test Requesting and Results Reporting as well as providing multi-agency integration with a variety of NHS Wales organizations. More »

Sept 15, 2014

Fiorano's Event-Driven ESB Powers Quick, Accurate Medical Test Delivery, Reporting
Fiorano is helping Canadian medical lab services firm bring speed and accuracy to tests and reporting for tens of thousands of samples daily. Fiorano ESB delivers business-critical integration benefits to IT and LOB is by combining an enterprise service bus, SOA and an extensible EDA (event-driven architecture) service model. More »

August 29, 2014

Transforming Digital Business in 'Real-Time'
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) middleware vendor Fiorano Software leverages an innovative architecture to achieve real-time performance both in and out of the Cloud. "Fiorano implements peer-to-peer distributed ESB platform technology that allows enterprises to implement real-time systems in a linearly-scalable manner," explains Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano. More »

July 17, 2014
Sys Con

Aboitiz Power Corporation Chooses Fiorano Middleware for Enterprise-Class IT Infrastructure
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, today announced that Fiorano ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) has been chosen by Aboitiz Power Corporation to integrate multiple applications and streamline business processes of its subsidiaries Visayan Electric Company and Davao Light & Power Corporation. More »

June 30, 2014
Joy Online

Ghana's banking software industry gets big boost
Global Solutions Limited/Inlaks Computers, distributors of TEMENOS banking software in West Africa, has announced a partnership with Fiorano which integrates complementary banking services such as ATM, SMS and internet banking with core banking services to boost operational efficiency and productivity among banks. More »

April 16, 2014
Agence Finance Press

French Retail, Éditions Atlas Uses Fiorano SOA for Real-Time Enablement of its Global Operations
Fiorano Software announced that Éditions Atlas, a leading French retail company has deployed the Fiorano SOA platform to integrate applications across multiple European subsidiaries' yielding an unprecedented increase in productivity. More »

April 01, 2014
Market Watch

IG Index Migrates to FioranoMQ to Scale Financial Transactions : Replaces IBM MQ with faster, more robust JMS system
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, announced that FioranoMQ has been deployed at IG Index, the UK's number one financial spread betting and Forex services provider. More »

March 20, 2014
Integration Developer News

Fiorano Rolls Out ESB-Based B2B Gateway To Simplify, Secure Business To Business Communications
Fiorano Software is shipping an enterprise-level B2B gateway to help users securely transact business with customers, partners and distributors. Fiorano B2B Gateway enables accurate, real-time information exchange across the extended enterprise. More »

March 18, 2014
SOA World

Temenos Partners with Fiorano to Provide 'Out of the Box' Integration Solution for Banks
Typically forty percent of the core banking implementation effort is involved in interfacing with multiple applications. We knew we need a partner to provide an 'Out of the Box' solution and we chose Fiorano to be that partner. More »


September 30, 2013

Mr. Atul Saini CEO & CTO, Fiorano interviewed by CIOL, talks about experiences of doing business across the world.
Here's a CTO's point of view on how the 'baniya' mentality can be hurting Indian businesses more than they realize. More so on the technology pulse points. More »

September 24, 2013

Fiorano Announces Platform 10: B2B Integration, SWIFT Connectivity to Augment ESB Stack
Fiorano Software today announced general availability of the Fiorano Platform version 10 (Fiorano 10), realizing its vision in providing best-in-class enterprise integration solution. More »

September 18, 2013

L’Oréal gets a SOA make-over
L’Oréal faced challenges since existing legacy systems proved to be a hindrance in growing and managing new product launches, manually collecting sales data from hundreds of distributors across the country and managing internal sales processes. More »

July 18, 2013

Fiorano Positioned as "Visionary" for the 7th Time in Gartner's Application Integration Magic Quadrants
Fiorano Software has again been positioned by Gartner Inc., a leading industry analyst firm, in the "Visionary" quadrant of the newly-published "Magic Quadrant for On-Premises Application Integration Suites" which examined 17 vendors among many others whose products provide features addressing the needs of systematic application-to-application, B2B and cloud-based application integration. More »

March 19, 2013

Core Banking Integration with Fiorano ESB Enables Federal Bank
Social payments of over a billion dollars through the network to benefit millions of beneficiaries. More »

February 19, 2013

Powered by Fiorano ESB, Commercial Bank of Africa revolutionizes mobile-banking
M-Shwari logs 40,000 customers per day crossing Ksh1 billion in transactions a month with core banking integration from Fiorano. More »

February 24, 2013

Africa: Fiorano ESB Power's Commercial Bank of Africa's M-Shwari
Fiorano Software, an enterprise integration and messaging middleware solutions provider, announced that Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus has been deployed by Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) to enable M-Shwari, an innovative and revolutionary mobile savings and loan service product. More »

February 21, 2013

Fiorano powers CBA's m-banking services
Fiorano Software, a provider of enterprise integration and messaging middleware services, has won a contract from East African financial institution Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA). CBA has deployed the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (Fiorano ESB) to power its M-Shwari mobile savings and loan service. More »


September 05, 2012

Heading Towards Better Sales Management: Nilkamal
A case study on ERP in Manufacturing

Doshi had to take a call that most CIOs dread: Integrating middleware with his ERP. His earlier tryst with SAP PI was a disappointment, he says. "We were running SAP PI to integrate our ERP with Salesforce for one of our retail outlets. It was excruciatingly slow." Months of research lead him to middleware vendor Fiorano, whose ESB solution was exactly what Nilkamal needed, says Doshi. It was fast, allowed bi-directional access, and integrated beautifully with SAP. Integrating the middleware was easy, says Doshi. According to him, Fiorano went live in 45 days, against the projected 60 days. More »

August 22, 2012
KM World

Commercial bank speeds rollout of new revenue channels
Federal Bank, a large commercial bank headquartered in India, has chosen a solution from Fiorano Software to streamline its operations. Fiorano ESB is also expected to speed rollout of value-added services through multiple channels. More »

August 6, 2012
Bank Systems & Technology

Federal Bank implements Fiorano ESB for CBS and retail channel integration
The bank says that platform has allowed it to build a solid middleware infrastructure and given it the desired agility to respond to market conditions faster. More »

June 28, 2012
Cloud Strategy Magazine 

Fiorano Positioned in Visionary Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Systematic Application Integration Projects
The exit of several vendors from the middleware business leaves Fiorano as the only vendor that has been featured in the Visionary Quadrant in this category for 9 straight years now; this makes it one of the most consistent innovators in the business. More »

April 5, 2012

Department Of Health

Real-estate powerhouse Brigade Group marches on with Fiorano
Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus backbone infrastructure to enable multiple integrations including, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet and SAP ERP. More »

March 8, 2012

Department Of Health

Leading manufacturer/retailer streamlines operations with the Fiorano SOA Platform
Seamlessly integrates SAP ERP and systems to pipe inventory and sales data to nationwide teams in real time. More »

March 8, 2012

Supply Demand Chain

Retail manufacturer streamlines operations with Fiorano Software
Distributed integration solutions provider Fiorano Software's SOA platform is now being utilized by Nilkamal, a retail manufacturer of furniture and a broad range of home decor outlets, to streamline business operations by linking a number of disparate internal systems. More »


November 18, 2011

Department Of Health

Fiorano becomes first ITK Middleware vendor to be awarded ITK R2 Certification by UK Department of Health
Fiorano ITK Framework brings unique distributed service-oriented architecture (SOA) to NHS integration. More »

August 4, 2011

REST-Based SOA: an Iconoclastic Approach
There are two important morals here. First, REST-based SOA is alive and well, and offers straightforward solutions to many of the knottier problems that Web Services-based SOA has suffered from. But even more importantly, the success the USCG has achieved shows that any architectural approach is nothing more than a loose collection of best practices.

The SPEAR approach is taking a fully Service-oriented approach to maintaining state. They are able to do so in spite of leveraging an ESB because they selected the Fiorano ESB, which has long maintained state in a fully message-centric manner, instead of spawning threads to keep track of state as in other vendors’ ESBs. More »

July 29, 2011

Fiorano Software CEO - Atul Saini Explains Best Options in Middleware and Integration
At the recently-concluded Cloud Expo 2011 in New York, TMCNet had the chance to sit down and talk with Fiorano Software's CEO and CTO - Atul Saini. He explained the advantages of Fiorano's software over that of the larger vendors and how the technology was built for a distributed network, which maps natively to the cloud today.

He goes on to compare the performance of Fiorano against competitors like IBM, and reassures potential clients by adding that many of the world's largest companies today are Fiorano customers including defense and government agencies like US Coast Guard and NASA. More »

July 13, 2011

Leading Wireless Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider Deploys Fiorano SOA for Messaging and Integration - Fiorano ESB Improves Message Processing Capability Five-fold and SLA Commitments by over 80%
Fiorano SOA Platform was deployed by Unicel Technologies, a leading provider of wireless enterprise mobility solutions, as their primary middleware architecture, distributed across multiple data centers to enhance performance and reliability. Fiorano delivered high-performance, low-latency messaging as well as real-time event processing - all key requirements in telecommunications where high-throughput is critical to business performance. More »

June 06, 2011

SYS-CON.TV Interview - Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano Software, speaks with the Conference Chair at Cloud Expo, NY.
In this exclusive interview with conference chair Jeremy Geelan, Atul Saini reveals how Fiorano differentiates itself from the competition and always manages to be present at every crest of new computing technology. He goes on to talk about Fiorano's unique and powerful peer-to-peer and event-driven cloud platform which enables efficient implementation across cloud integration scenarios while offering optimized performance, low latency and linear scalability. See complete interview »

June 09, 2011

An exclusive interview with Atul Saini, CEO, Fiorano Software at Cloud Expo, NY
In this exclusive interview with, Atul Saini outlines his vision for future of the company and stresses that Fiorano's core strength is innovation of technology. He goes on to talk about the current competition in the enterprise integration middleware market and highlights how Fiorano's architecture, which is built ground up for a distributed computing environment, drives a high rate of success in PoC scenarios. See complete interview »

May 29, 2011

Cloud Computing: The Adoption of Cloud-Based Solutions - An exclusive Q&A with Atul Saini, CEO & CTO of Fiorano Software

"Enterprises will adopt cloud-based solutions at a steady pace and not in a non-linear manner," noted Atul Saini, in this exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan. "Most large enterprises have already been using 'cloud-based' solutions since all of their applications are typically hosted in their own data centers, which can be thought of as private clouds." More »

May 04, 2011

Fiorano adds REST support, Eclipse Studio enhancements and other significant features to messaging and integration backbone infrastructure - announces GA of latest release V9.3 of Fiorano SOA Platform and FioranoMQ JMS Server
The latest release adds important enhancements, including REST, Eclipse and security, to the already rich feature set of the Fiorano SOA Platform, making it the solution of choice for enterprises – whether they are starting on the SOA path or extending their SOA infrastructure. More »

April 9, 2011
Cloud Expo  

Fiorano to Exhibit at Cloud Expo 2011 New York

SYS-CON Events announced today that Fiorano, a leading provider of enterprise class ESB-based Cloud integration, BPM and messaging infrastructure technology, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 8th International Cloud Expo, which will take place on June 6–9, 2011, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York. More »

March 28, 2011

Coast Guard makes waves with SOA – Federal 100 award winner Capt. Mike Ryan is using SOA technology to forge powerful links
Capt. Mike Ryan took command of the Coast Guard's Operations Systems Center in 2008 as the service was seeking to modernize its IT infrastructure. Under his leadership, the center developed the Semper Paratus Enterprise Architecture Realization (SPEAR) service-oriented architecture, which will save the Coast Guard millions of dollars. It has already improved data sharing and enhanced the service's response to incidents, such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The SPEAR architecture was realized through the deployment of the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus. More »