Fiorano Professional Services

Fiorano provides a range of professional services, including

Architecture Assessment and Design Services

Fiorano Architecture Assessment and Design (FAAD) services encompass both system and application architecture. These services are based on our knowledge base of having implemented Fiorano products at over 500 customers across the globe. Read More »

Implementation Services

Fiorano Implementation Services (FIS) encompass the entire integration life cycle of design, develop, test, debug, deploy and monitor. Our methodology is based on best practices evolved over several projects executed in the past and include milestones such as architecture design & assessment, design of event flows, testing, training and go live. Read More »

Performance Tuning Services

The distributed, asynchronous architecture of the Fiorano platform requires special skills to extract the best performance from the system. Fiorano Performance Tuning Services (FPTS) is designed to help you maximize the performance of your deployment and also train your team to tune the Fiorano platform. It is recommended that a Fiorano Consultant be used in each of the first several projects. As implementations get more complex, performance issues need to be addressed on a continuous basis for optimal results. Read More »


Fiorano strongly recommends that all developers/analysts undergo a five day intensive workshop styled training program. Fiorano's training program is designed to provide significant hands-on experience to developers in creating, editing, deploying and managing event-processes. Read More »

Premium Support Services

Fiorano issues a major release every 12 to 18 months and two minor releases each year. Each new release typically includes several bug-fixes in addition to new features and functionality. Fiorano Premium Support Services (FPSS) provides expert Fiorano engineering services to assist quick and seamless upgrades to new releases.
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