Partner Achievement Levels

Our tiered program structure enables partners to build stronger partnership levels by achieving specified requirements within predetermined timeframes. Partner benefits and requirements are a function of both partnership level and partner type. Partners are provided incentives to work harder for Fiorano and they receive substantial rewards for their investment. The four partner achievement levels are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


These partners are typically large national or international organizations and are often industry leaders with significant operations. They have considerable market share, technology, or services leadership and engage in a comprehensive business relationship and make a higher level of investment with Fiorano. Membership at this level is by invitation only.


These partners are strong national or regional organizations that consistently provide industry-leading solutions and services to their customers. Fiorano and Gold partners are strongly committed to each other with membership to our partner program based on substantial, stated revenue expectations.


These partners are characterized as medium-sized organizations with regional or local presence and/or specialized domain expertise. The membership requirements and benefits available at this level are moderate and with appropriately matched revenue expectations.


These partners are generally small companies that interact with Fiorano through minimal investment and program requirements. Revenue expectations and corresponding benefits are very modest at this level. Bronze partners interact primarily with Fiorano via an online, automated, self-serve system.