Fiorano Professional Services - Architecture Assessment & Design

Fiorano Architecture Assessment and Design (FAAD) services encompass both system and application architecture. These services are based on our knowledge base of having implemented Fiorano products at over 500 customers across the globe.

We have implemented our products in many business verticals including Government & Defense, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Media, Retail, Education and Telecom.

FAAD will not only help you review your current architecture and existing IT Landscape, but also help design and build a robust architecture based on Fiorano's peer-to-peer SOA Platform. FAAD services can be utilized for building seamless hybrid cloud architecture.

For complex implementations, multiple peer servers are often required to exploit parallelism and increase deployment flexibility. Before any solution is implemented on the Fiorano platform, the application processes (also called "Event Processes") must be designed to map the business requirements properly. There are several 'best practices' to increase productivity. These are best learned from Fiorano experts through our FAAD process.

Key activities
  • Understand existing IT application landscape and architecture
  • Understand various interface mechanisms available for each of the applications
  • Discuss technical performance requirements and thresholds
  • Identify relevant Fiorano adaptors
  • Design enterprise architecture to deploy Fiorano SOA Platform.

Engagement model-> Time and Material
Delivery mode-> Onsite engagement
Resources recommended-> Enterprise Architect