Solutions - Banking


Fiorano offers a unique powerful, peer-to-peer platform approach to extract value from the massive volumes of data flowing across all banking operations. Fiorano offers a powerful, new, standard way of linking applications and creating new services resulting in greater agility and reducing the time and cost to add new applications, functionality and partners to your network.

Fiorano ESB for core banking integration

Core banking Integration

  • Integrate core banking platforms (such as T24 for Temenos, Tata Bancs, Infosys Finacle and Polaris among others) up to five times faster with disparate applications by standardizing on the Fiorano ESB and leveraging native connectors to SWIFT, FIX and a number of ISO standards
  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple payment gateways using a host of available, standards-based connectors
  • Accelerate development and reduce time to market for new offerings using Fiorano's peer-to-peer, parallel processing infrastructure to manage Big Data efficiently across your global banking network
  • Deploy straight-through-processing (STP) to reduce turnaround times to minutes from days or even weeks
  • Reduce errors, optimize exception processing, decrease customer-care costs and optimize efficiency and responsiveness

Reliable, High-Speed trading

  • Deploy complex trading solutions on FioranoMQ, the world's fastest, lowest latency JMS messaging server
  • Highly available messaging and ESB infrastructure; "Hot failover" with no loss of performance

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