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Finnish Wireless and Automotive Technology Leader achieves sophisticated message transformation & unified SaaS integration through Fiorano

Elektrobit enables seamless communication by creating a flexible mesh of applications using Fiorano SOA

Aug 30, 2011, Los Gatos, CA. – Fiorano Software (, a leader in distributed integration technology, announced today that its SOA Platform has been deployed by Elektrobit, a leading developer of cutting-edge embedded software and hardware solutions for the automotive and wireless industries. Elektrobit deploys Fiorano SOA as their primary middleware architecture serving as a centralized messaging infrastructure for unifying a large number of disparate applications.

"Our target was to enable a flexible mesh of applications, where legacy systems and new SaaS Services could independently communicate through one integration channel. We chose Fiorano for its flexibility, built-in scalability, insightful development environment and easy-to-use message transformation tools." said Timo Impiö, Specialist, Global IM, Elektrobit.

At the inception of the application architecture plan, Elektrobit had established that an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) would be the middleware solution of choice. As the selection process was kicked-off, Elektrobit went through product demos and visited several major integration solution vendors. After short-listing a set of vendors, they set up a two week long Proof of Concept which required integration of four different types of applications. In the POC, Fiorano was the first vendor to provide a working solution, outperforming others in implementation speed, performance and product support.

Timo Impiö elaborates "Fiorano was confident of its product and backed it up with an efficiently executed POC delivered in time with high quality support during the process. We got all the example integrations done; that experience built trust and gave us confidence in the vendor from a long-term perspective. Meanwhile, some of the other POC participants could not even get the integrations done despite a larger outlay of resources for the POC." He goes on to add "Of course we were wondering what might happen to the support quality after the deal was closed, but to our pleasant surprise found that support requests are handled efficiently even afterwards."

The Fiorano ESB architecture allows live changes to running business processes without interruption, drastically decreasing development time. Fiorano enables a drag-and-drop based approach to building integration flows, hence product training and number of resources required was minimal. The platform quickly accommodated changes in business logic and adapted the existing process to match these changes efficiently. The Fiorano Cloud Platform capability allows rapid integration of SaaS, PaaS and on-premise applications in a seamless manner accelerating adoption and integration of such applications into the enterprise nervous system.

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About Elektrobit (

Elektrobit (, based in Oulu, Finland, is a leading developer of cutting-edge embedded software and hardware solutions for the automotive and wireless industries. They are experts in automotive-grade software, wireless technologies, system solutions and software architecture.

The Elektrobit Automotive Business Segment offers an extensive range of standard software products and professional tools that support the whole process of in-car software development. The Elektrobit Wireless Business Segment turns next generation wireless technologies into state of the art products, services and solutions. Elektrobit has delivered success, providing solutions for world leaders in automotive and wireless industries such as Aircell, Audi, Delphi, Ford, FIAT, Penn State University ARL, Realtime Technology, Mettler Toledo and Datame Oy.

About Fiorano (

Founded in 1995, Silicon Valley based Fiorano is a California Corporation with proven leadership in enterprise middleware and peer-to-peer distributed systems. Fiorano's innovative event-driven, dataflow SOA platform integrates applications and complex technologies into an enterprise nervous system, increases business process performance, yields higher message throughput and enhances availability through agent-based visual composition that bridges the capability gap between business models and their implementation – the model is the application, ready to run.

Global leaders including ABN AMRO, Credit Agricole, Rabobank, SSP Insurance, EHL, Markit, Thomas Weisel Partners, YLE, Schlumberger, Fraikin, Toyota, DHL Aviation, US Coast Guard, NASA, Kent County Council, United Spirits, Takata, POSCO Steel, Vodafone and Korea Telecom have deployed Fiorano to drive innovation through open, standards-based, dataflow SOA applications built in just days, yielding unprecedented productivity.

Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and FioranoMQ (Message Queue) deliver the industry fastest, lowest latency, highest throughput real-time messaging (asynchronous and synchronous) to power high performance, highly available, and collaborative workflow applications whose application services are distributed throughout the IT landscape. Fiorano Cloud Platform, built on the Fiorano Cloud ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), a hybrid ESB Platform integrates applications across SaaS, PaaS and on-premise worlds.