Fiorano SOA Platform®

Fiorano SOA is a REST-enabled platform for real-time business built on an Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) that dramatically reduces the time-to-delivery of integrated applications. Users visually assemble instantly running solutions by drawing application and service nodes on a canvas through drag-and-drop of active Service components. The lines between nodes comprise event flows via active message pipelines, collectively representing a user-defined event driven architecture. The visual model is the ready-to-run, fully implemented application, with no additional programming required.

Built entirely on open standards, Fiorano SOA enables organizations to expose existing applications as services, deploy new services and choreograph services into applications with little or no coding. Enterprises that have deployed Fiorano as the SOA backplane have achieved 40-80% greater productivity compared to other solutions.

Fiorano SOA offers a number of benefits over existing solutions for real-time integration, including faster implementation and deployment cycles, a flexible platform for future expansion offering a high degree of reuse, easy extensibility, seamless interoperability and an improved ROI.

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