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Leading travel company, JTB rapidly expands business with Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus

Seamless connection through the Fiorano ESB to travel agencies around
the world used to sell excess inventory and increase revenue

September 4, 2012; Palo Alto, CA. – Fiorano Software (, Fiorano Software, a leader in distributed integration solutions, announced today that the Fiorano SOA platform has been deployed by JTB Global Marketing and Travel (JTB), a company that promotes and facilitates overseas tourism to Japan, to seamlessly connect JTB's backend systems with overseas travel agencies' systems.

JTB provides travel products such as tour packages, hotel rooms, airline tickets, etc. to tourists visiting Japan. In the past, the company focused its marketing efforts on its own network of travel agencies and their domestic reseller partners. JTB wanted to expand its business by marketing travel products to overseas travel agencies, which required connecting JTB back-end systems with overseas travel agencies' systems to automate business processes such as inventory inquiry, reservation and cancellation.

JTB decided to use the XML-based Open Travel Alliance (OTA) data schemas for the electronic distribution supply chain and electronic data interchange (EDI) in the travel industry. The OTA data schema is widely used by airlines car rental firms, hotels, cruise lines, railways, leisure suppliers, travel agencies, etc.

“We decided to adopt the Fiorano SOA platform to address these challenges,” said a Senior IT Officer at JTB. “The Fiorano SOA platform has a powerful Enterprise Service Bus (Fiorano ESB) that connects with multiple applications via a comprehensive set of bundled adaptors. By using a messaging bus (Fiorano ESB), rather than a central server approach, the Fiorano SOA Platform eliminates bottlenecks associated with the central server approach. Our plan is to run the Fiorano ESB on a private cloud to expand accessibility to a wider range of travel agencies throughout the world”.

“The multiple autonomous software components that comprise the Fiorano SOA platform provide further performance improvements by avoiding the need for control or intervention by a process engine running on a central server,” he added.

Built on the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (Fiorano ESB), the Fiorano SOA platform achieved a measurable ROI for JTB in a short time frame.

  • The Fiorano ESB helped simplify the implementation process and accelerate time to market.  
  • Developers freed from complicated and troublesome work can focus on business flows to respond to changing market requirements.
  • New travel agencies can be added on the fly without stopping the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
  • Bundled pre-built components included with the Fiorano SOA platform enable non-programmers to easily implement the system.
  • Developed business processes can be re-used for new processes.
  • The Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus is based on asynchronous messaging which makes it possible to flexibly insert mediation functions, such as data transformation and recording data into a database, into business processes.
  • The Fiorano database adapter also provides strong capabilities for SQL statement creation.

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As Japan's leading Destination Management Company, JTB Global Marketing & Travel has welcomed countless visitors from overseas. JTB GMT's total solutions for guests and event organizers include leveraging its unmatched experience, thorough planning skills, a wide network of partners, excellence at making all types of arrangements, and ability to provide reliable operations in order to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. The company strives for continuous improvement in its Total Management efforts.

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