ESB 2 Min Explainer

Why Fiorano Cloud?

Fiorano Cloud provides IT Departments with the ability to reliably and flexibly integrate systems, whether on-premise or in public and private clouds. You can now complete integration projects in days and in some cases even hours.

Fast Time to Market:
  • Pre-built connectors for all leading ERP and CRM applications
  • Zero-coding, graphical-configuration approach
  • Available library of Pre-built Integration Processes (PIPs) for common integration scenarios
Lowest Costs:
  • Low monthly subscription pricing; add/remove end-points at will
  • No maintenance costs: software updates, version upgrades built into infrastructure and connectors
  • No need to purchase and maintain Hardware or Software including Web-Servers, ESBs or other platform software
Efficient Development and Deployment:
  • Rapid, configuration-based development with intuitive Graphical tools; Zero Coding
  • 100% standards based; no need for any middleware expertise
  • Supports runtime process changes, in practice: pause/resume processes; add/remove steps
Easy Monitoring and Management:
  • Configurable alerting of process-flow bottlenecks, data and connectivity errors
  • Monitor Remotely via the web from anywhere, anytime
  • Highly Flexible exception handling