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Fiorano Customer, US Coast Guard wins prestigious Federal 100 Award for its SOA Initiative, Project SPEAR, built on the Fiorano SOA Platform

Fiorano's ESB based SOA platform delivers key information-exchange for Homeland Security Agencies during the Deepwater Horizon Spill

LOS GATOS, CA (April 11, 2011) Fiorano Software, a proven leader in enterprise middleware and peer-to-peer distributed systems, congratulates Capt. Mike Ryan, commandant of United State Coast Guard's(USCG) Operations Systems Center, as a recipient of the Federal Computer Week 2011 Federal 100 Award.

The 2011 Federal 100 Awards recognize government and industry leaders who have played a pivotal role in the federal government IT community, going above and beyond daily responsibilities to make a true impact in Federal IT.

Capt. Ryan was honored for his leadership role in developing SPEAR (Semper Paratus Enterprise Architecture Realization) service-oriented architecture (SOA) which has become pervasive throughout all segments of the US Coast Guard's IT community, revolutionizing data sharing between its various facilities, bringing  CIOs of the field-level units closer together. SPEAR has become a huge force multiplier. SPEAR has been built on the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), part of the Fiorano SOA Platform.

 (SPEAR) service-oriented architecture, will save the Coast Guard millions of dollars and has already improved data sharing and enhanced the service's response to incidents, such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. [Reference article: Coast Guard Makes waves with SOA.]

“But Deepwater Horizon, when people saw the effect of providing time-critical and urgent data during a major disaster, it raised SPEAR’s profile much higher. Without a doubt, across all my system teams and across all my program sponsors, when I now sit at the table and say there’s the opportunity for them to use SOA principles to get access and rights to datasets that can provide value, they understand what we are talking about and that it doesn’t have to be something overwhelming.”

Capt. Mike Ryan, USCG, OSC

“We congratulate the US Coast Guard leadership and the OSC Engineering team on the phenomenal success of this SOA Project. We’re proud to have been chosen as the core SOA platform enabling SPEAR’s objective of efficient and timely information and data exchange for all agencies of the Department of Homeland Security, Costal security and surveillance.”

Atul Saini, CEO, Fiorano Software Inc.

Prior to its SOA implementation, the US Coast Guard relied on slower manually intensive processes of extracting data from various systems, putting it into spreadsheets and then providing that static content back to somebody who had to manipulate it into something useful. Now, with the SOA framework in place, it is just a matter of hearing from the operational community what information they believe they want and the technical staff can quickly identify sources for that information and establish a new service to allow that dataset to flow across the SPEAR enterprise service bus, Fiorano ESB.

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