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Fiorano releases new version of the Fiorano SOA Platform/Fiorano ESB V9.5

New features enhance B2B integration and significantly improve productivity of SOA deployments

Palo Alto, CA (Friday, October 5, 2012) – Fiorano Software (, a leading provider of enterprise class business process integration and messaging infrastructure technology, today announced general availability of version 9.5 of the Fiorano SOA Platform and the related Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus. This latest release includes significant enhancements, including multiple new Business-to-Business (B2B) adapters together with additional ESB core functionality.

Fiorano Adapters enhance interoperability with a wide variety of applications and technologies. Newly released adapters include: an AS2 Connector to send and receive messages using the AS2 protocol; an EBMS component to send and receive messages in accordance with the ebXML Message Service specification; an SAP B1 adapter; and a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Converter. Incremental enhancements and features have been added to several other adapters that will enable developers to more quickly change integration processes and identify and deal with performance bottlenecks.

The new Fiorano ESB core features will make it significantly easier to manage production environments and respond to business changes in real time. Auditing support has been provided for the Alert Repository. Peer servers can now be labeled as development, QA, staging or production, enabling the creation of dynamic deployment rules to fine-tune access to Fiorano Peer servers across the network. Significant productivity enhancements have also been added to the Fiorano ESB eStudio tools.

These enhancements enable more productive SOA deployments with incremental ROI on new and existing IT Investments.

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Later this year Fiorano also expects to release Fiorano B2B, an enterprise-level B2B gateway for transacting business electronically with customers, trading partners and distributors worldwide. Built on a scalable, peer-to-peer ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) architecture, Fiorano B2B will enable the secure exchange of business documents and automate cross-company processes and B2B transactions including purchase orders, requisitions and invoices.

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For over a decade, Fiorano has been a trusted provider of enterprise integration middleware, high performance messaging and peer-to-peer distributed systems. Fiorano's innovative SOA platform integrates applications and complex technologies into an enterprise nervous system, increases business process performance, yields higher message throughput and enhances availability through agent-based visual composition that bridges the capability gap between business models and their implementation the model is the application, ready to run.

Global leaders including AT&T Labs, British Telecom, DHL Aviation, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Federal Bank, LOreal, McKesson, NASA, POSCO Steel, Qwest Communications, Rabobank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Schlumberger, Northrop Grumman, UB Group, United States Coast Guard and Vodafone have deployed Fiorano to drive innovation through open, standards-based, dataflow SOA applications built in just days, yielding unprecedented productivity.