Fiorano Integration Platform – Components

» Fiorano ESB

Fiorano ESB is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) built on a MicroServices architecture that enables enterprises to integrate applications and processes in real-time with a federated bimodal approach to integration. Fiorano ESB enables the next wave of comprehensive, real-time solutions addressing the requirements of emerging digital-businesses in business moments with a balance between systematic and adaptive approaches to integration.
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» Fiorano Studio Tools

The Fiorano Studio allows end-users to rapidly compose enterprise-scale, interactive business-solutions in the form of event-driven distributed business processes. With the studio, the logical application design is mapped directly to the physical implementation, making the development process easier and more intuitive than that of conventional integration suites.
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» Fiorano Adapters

Fiorano Adapters provide the key to enhanced interoperability with a wide variety of applications and technologies. Fiorano, along with a number of adapter development partners and application vendor partners, has built an impressive catalog of adapters that serve to reduce the effort required to integrate business processes. Fiorano Adapters enhance the connectivity support of Fiorano Server to enable simple installation, deployment, and configuration of "no-code" connectivity solutions.
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