Fiorano Integration Platform – Benefits

Realigned Enterprise Resources

With Fiorano Integration, your enterprise can shift its focus from non-productive maintenance plans to new innovation and value creation projects.

Reduced Cost and Simplified Architecture

Fiorano's easy-to-use and deploy platform dramatically reduces development costs. Enterprises that have deployed the Fiorano Integration backplane have achieved 40-80% productivity gains compared to other solutions.

Increased visibility for business value

Enterprise software resources when organized as services make it easier to expose functionalities for internal and external consumption. Apart from reducing time-to-market, this also increases organization transparency and customer satisfaction.

Increased Agility

Business processes rely on underlying software. With rapidly evolving markets, business process implementations need to be modified in near-real time, a process easily facilitated by the flexibility of Fiorano’s Microservice-based architecture.

Faster time-to-market

Easy service orchestration and choreography allows rapid deployment of new integration flows enabling organizations to quickly adapt to evolving external business and environmental events.

Re-use your assets

Software re-use is the primary benefit of Microservices and with Fiorano Integration Platform is used as a means to reduce the cost and time of new application development. Microservices increases IT responsiveness and facilitate competitive business change.