Fiorano Cloud Platform – Key Features

Enterprise-level Elastic Cloud Integration Platform

Fiorano Cloud is an elastic cloud-hosted platform that integrates applications across SaaS, on-premise and hybrid worlds with the ability to scale out on demand. Based on a unique, queue-based peer-to-peer architecture, Fiorano Cloud enables efficient, scalable integration flows to be deployed across cloud-to-cloud or hybrid environments. The platform spawns peers as needed that understand how to interact with each other directly, avoiding the central chokepoint inherent to competitors' architectures. Queues connecting the peers to each other as well as to other endpoints provide reliability and fault tolerance to the architecture. Fiorano Cloud includes a number of advanced, "enterprise class" features including automatic application partitioning for performance optimization, runtime changes to running integration flows for dynamic "non-stop" extensibility, simplified failure recovery and high-availability and scalability via distributed message-pipelines.

Modern and Innovative

Fiorano Cloud is the only enterprise-class cloud integration platform on the market today. Built on modern web standards including REST and JSON containers, Fiorano Cloud easily connects to any combination of cloud or on-premise applications. Fiorano's elastic, peer-to-peer architecture enables efficient, integration flows to be deployed as message-pipelines to support real-time as well as batch integration styles. The platform is designed to scale from the simplest integration flows to the most complex, high-volume enterprise-wide scenarios. Today, as the cloud becomes a supporting player in the digital world and user preferences drive an explosion of technology touch points, only Fiorano Cloud provides the elastic integration platform technology to support the enterprise-level requirements of modern digital environments.

Ultimate Reliability

Fiorano's cloud iPaaS flows are composed of microservice-connectors communicating over message-pipelines implemented on a peer-to-peer architecture. Each microservice in the pipeline can process data at its own speed with interim messages buffered in queues, ensuring optimal performance under all conditions and allowing peak-loads to be handled seamlessly, unlike traditional platforms that try to implement asynchronous systems over unreliable in-memory queues.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Fiorano Cloud blends cloud-based and general business-process integration via a hybrid integration infrastructure, combining the benefits of centralized management with the efficiency of distributed architectures. Fiorano's unique and powerful peer-to-peer architecture enables efficient, scalable implementations of on-premise to cloud, inter-cloud or intra-cloud integration scenarios, via a combination of features spanning multiple disciplines and capabilities, including enterprise service buses (ESB), API Management, B2B gateways and integration of mobile devices.