Fiorano ESB – Benefits

Secured and reliable communications

Fiorano ESB is backed by an underlying standards-based messaging backbone providing scalable, enterprise class messaging with assured message delivery.

Increased operational efficiency

Asynchronous Distributed Microservices allow the concurrent exchange of events and data - real-time data flow with instant responsiveness. For example, and order management system can check its inventory database even when sales-force system is updating its order database.

Future proof solution

Fiorano ESB's unique architecture allows parallel message flows between nodes, enabling natural and seamless integration of new applications/systems across the enterprise. This unbounded scalability makes your IT infrastructure a lasting investment, providing long term gains.

Enhanced enterprise-wide visibility and administration

Easily monitor all your information flows, manage all security authorizations and event-handling through a centralized ESB Administration Console.

Reduced development costs

Apart from obviating point-to-point integration, Fiorano pre-built adapters and Microservices allows over 80% of all integrations to be implemented out-of-the-box, with no additional programming, saving enterprises significant time and resources.