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Efficient, Dynamic, Flexible SOA Implementations

Executive Summary

Over the past ten years, a vast number of companies worldwide have implemented Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The ideal was that whenever a business requirement changes, an SOA-enabled organization would be able to implement the change rapidly by simply ‘rewiring’ pre-tested business services on a screen, reducing the normal costs of programming and deployment of a solution using traditional, non-SOA methods.

This paper analyzes why a vast majority of SOA projects of the past decade have run over budget, eroding expected ROIs into single digit or even negative territory and explains how REST (Representational state transfer)-based SOA, an emerging technique of implementing SOA projects resolves critical show-stopper problems of traditional stack solutions.

Rest-based SOA addresses requirements of the ubiquitous enterprise; it is centered around document-centric, event-driven, loosely coupled, asynchronous, message-based Business Services. By combining a simplified service-model with event-driven messaging, Rest-based SOA allows the deployment of scalable, easy-to-change, manageable SOA projects at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional SOA-stack implementations. It also provides a perfect platform for elastic, distributed cloud applications.

Technology must ultimately serve business interests to be viable in a commercial environment. REST-based SOA, implemented with good architecture provides significant key benefits to enterprises, enabling them to have an agile, scalable, flexible decision making platform, compressing time-to-market by an order of magnitude and slashing costs normally required by traditional stack solutions.

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