Whitepapers - SOA/ESB

Peer to Peer Enterprise Service Grids

Powering Next Generation SOA Networks.

Executive Summary

The democratization of computing power began in the 80’s with a move from mainframes to client/server models. The second wave of evolutionary forces created networking standards, inexpensive memory and abundant compute power that led us into the network is the computer reality. These infrastructure developments, however, are evolutionary steps towards an even more explosive change in how we interact and conduct our businesses in the future.

A new wave of distributed applications and web services are being deployed over the networked infrastructure to enable a ‘services-on -tap’ applications usage model. There is another transformation underway as distributed applications and services become ubiquitous. In an age of doing more with less, the current developer-centric technology now needs to address the needs of simplicity demanded by business-users of that technology.

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