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P2P Microservices pipeline

Peer-to-Peer Microservice Cloud Pipelines: Powering the Digital Economy

Executive Summary

The exponential growth of data, especially semi-structured and unstructured data, with the emergence of APIs, Social, Cloud, Mobile Computing and Big Data have created the demand for a new breed of highly scalable integration infrastructure solutions to enable enterprise digitalization strategies. Combined with the increasing need for 'citizen integrators' to perform integrations themselves with little external help and a continued focus on performance in the presence of highly voluminous information distributed across enterprise, cloud and hybrid environments , the need for a high performance, linearly scalable and low cost infrastructure is imperative.

This paper discusses the benefits of a true Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform architecture that addresses the demands of emerging digital enterprises with the ability to scale linearly across enterprise, cloud and hybrid environments, with Microservice-centric tools enabling 'citizen integrators' to synthesize applications rapidly in response to changing business requirements.

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