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Department of Homeland Security – Report on Messaging Middleware and Integration Infrastructure solutions

Making the Vision of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Framework a Reality

Executive Summary

In 2002 The CIO council released the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Framework seeking to develop, maintain and facilitate the implementation of top-level enterprise architecture for the Federal Government Enterprise. Based on the FEA, Technology (TRM) and Service Reference Modules (SRM), this paper outlines the initiatives proposed by this Framework and discusses how these can be realized through a fully distributed, completely interoperable architecture.

Solutions to the interoperability and scalability predicament lie in architecturally superior integration technology that has been built ground up vs. incumbent solutions that tend to be complex, have proprietary dependencies and are a patch work of products. Based on a Service Oriented architecture, Fiorano's Tifosi is built ground-up on top of the latest standards for event-based distributed computing, making it inherently more integrated and easy to use than incumbent solutions and significantly mitigating risk and costs associated with deployments and maintenance.

This document presents an overview of Fiorano solutions that specifically address the current and future requirements of the FEA framework. Fiorano's infrastructure products and tools have a decentralized, distributed architecture that maps well to FEA requirements by easily scaling to thousands of geographical end-points. Standards based (including Web Services, XML and Java Messaging technology) and highly interoperable, with support for multiple platforms (including J2EE & .NET). Fiorano infrastructure solutions allow easy integration with existing legacy infrastructure that abounds within current Government organizations.

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