Whitepapers - Business Integration

The Fiorano ITK Framework

Enabling innovation and choice within NHS networks using the CFH Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) Standard

Executive Summary

The Interoperability Tool Kit (ITK) has been conceived to help break the existing barriers to healthcare information sharing and systems' supplier lock-in. To achieve this it defines a set of open standards that anyone can implement in order to create interfaces through which information can be sent and received between disparate systems. By creating a market open to ITK compliant systems from existing and new suppliers, large and small, the ITK empowers healthcare organisations with choice and generates the opportunity for innovation. In many cases, ITK-enabling existing systems will instantly provide greater flexibility; rather than trying to replace or update them with new functionality.

The Fiorano ITK framework is built on the Fiorano Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform to bring its established powerful integration features, and proven reliability and scalability, into the healthcare environment. Fiorano presents its ITK framework: the Fiorano ITK Middleware Broker, to help interconnect ITK systems; and Fiorano ITK Adapters, to help quickly ITK-enable existing and new systems.

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