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ESB Competitive Analysis

Standards based Integration: A Guide to selecting the right Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Executive Summary

Traditionally Enterprise Architects have had two choices for business integration - (1) Implement custom point to point solutions for each project as they come up, leading to a rigid architecture with a high cost of maintenance or (2) Buy a complex, expensive and proprietary integration broker suite which requires a large up-front cost, long implementation schedules and a substantial investment in consulting services to maintain. Now they have a third viable choice, an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) - a neutral, standards-based integration solution that is flexible, robust, scalable, and at the same time, easy to implement and maintain.

This whitepaper identifies key areas that represents best-of-breed capabilities of an ESB and provides a technical comparison of implementations from competing vendors, so that an informed decision can be made about the investment in an ESB with an optimized ROI.

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