Fiorano Cloud Platform - Architecture

Technical Architecture

Fiorano Cloud™ is the world's only Integration Platform with a peer-to-peer architecture that maps natively to the cloud, allowing efficient implementations across any combination of public or private cloud-hosted applications and/or platforms.

Creating and managing integration flows

Integration flows on the Fiorano cloud consist of distributed microservices running anywhere on the cloud (including across separate public and private clouds), communicating with each other via event-based messages. Integration flows are stored as metadata on the Fiorano Cloud Management and Repository Server. This architecture allows:

  • Runtime control and modification of integration processes: pause/resume flows; add/remove steps, at runtime
  • Peer-to-peer event-flows across microservices running anywhere in the cloud, with support for both intra-cloud and inter-cloud communication for ultimate efficiency and performance
  • Centralized control via the Fiorano Cloud Studio from any on-premise or cloud location
  • Zero-coding. Integration flows are composed from pre-tested microservices that are dynamically deployed to Fiorano Peers across the cloud
  • Ability to distribute an integration process across multiple machines: from a central location; without re-engineering the process
Scalability - Fiorano Cloud Peers

Microservices across the cloud connect to Fiorano peers distributed across any combination of public and private cloud infrastructure. This peer-to-peer architecture has several benefits:

  • Scalability via partitioning: Large integration flows do not always have to run on the same Peer. Separate service instances in a single Integration flow may run across multiple peers, each of which may reside anywhere on the cloud or on any on-premise location
  • Throughput scalability: data and events to flow efficiently between Microservices, without data ever having to traverse a central hub. Failures on peers running one part of an integration flow do not affect other parts. In addition, the architecture supports 'Service-level' high-availability: if a peer goes down for any reason, all services running on that peer reconnect to a different peer on the network, with no message or performance loss
High Availability

In addition to 'Service-level' failover, the Fiorano Cloud platform maintains separate 'hot standby' instances of all peers and management servers, ensuring 100% uptime in case of hardware or software failures. Tested and proven in the world's most demanding enterprise environments, Fiorano's HA implementation provides levels of availability far in excess of the norm for current cloud-based integration solutions.