What we do

Connecting Anything to Everything

Fiorano's infrastructure platform solves the most challenging integration problems across SOA, SaaS and APIs, connecting anything to everything. Whether you need real-time application integration, business process automation, better business analytics, API management or big data integration Fiorano delivers an enterprise-class integration platform both on-premise and as an elastically scalable cloud-hosted iPaaS that connects all of your disparate data sources, cloud applications and APIs with the rest of the enterprise at the speed and agility to unlock the potential of this connected era.

A Modern Integration Platform

Unlike traditional EAI or legacy systems where the infrastructure architecture is a bottleneck, the Fiorano integration platform powers real time digital enterprises with a bimodal integration and API Management strategy that leverages the best of systematic (centralized, high-control) and adaptive (federated, high-speed) approaches to deliver solutions across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. Fiorano's architecture is inherently cloud-friendly, each peer can go on premise or in a cloud instance, and thus scale elastically with the cloud. The Fiorano Components can be easily configured to run in the cloud or behind the firewall, depending on the enterprise infrastructure.

Real-Time Integration - technology with no delays, moving at the speed of thought

A primary challenge for any digital transformation initiative is to enable the use of real-time events to improve business process efficiency and operational sense and respond capabilities. Fiorano's peer-to-peer distributed integration platform technology allows enterprises to implement real-time systems in a linearly-scalable manner. The unique peer-to-peer message pipelining architecture ensures that data flows directly between distributed endpoints while control is managed centrally, allowing controlled and unbounded scalability. Fiorano combines the complex value-chain of ecosystems to support digital business initiatives so enterprises can sense and respond to opportunities and threats at the speed of thought.

We Understand the Integrators Dilemma

The proliferation of cloud, mobile, social and big data projects have led enterprises to shift their integration competency from the back office to the omnichannel digital world. Fiorano provides a high-speed approach to integration that enterprises require for their high-velocity IT projects which typically rely on a cloud-friendly architecture with ultra-fast time to deployment, while also allowing business users to perform lightweight, self-service data and application integration - 'citizen integration'. Unlike the more traditional integration approaches, Fiorano provides interoperability using RESTful protocols, JSON formats, API management and cloud-streams for enabling near-real-time integration across ecosystems within digital business moments.