Getting Started

Welcome to the Fiorano Developer Zone SOA Platform Developer Center Getting Started page. This page includes links to information designed to introduce new Fiorano Platform® users to concepts, tools, and ideas regarding Fiorano Platform technology. These resources can help you understand Fiorano Platform.

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FioranoMQ - Evaluation Guide

FioranoMQ is the world's first grid-enabled, peer-to-peer JMS messaging platform, with powerful and unique features including dynamic routing, distributed debugging of message flows, dynamic deployment of JMS client applications, unbounded scalability, direct invocation of standards-based JCA components and unparalleled ease-of-management with JMX standards. Rated at over 50,000 messages/second in closed benchmark testing, FioranoMQ is also the world's fastest standalone standards-based messaging server.

FioranoMQ - Concept Guide

FioranoMQ has been designed over JMS (Java Message Service) standard. JMS provides a common technique for Java programs to create, send, receive and read messages in an enterprise messaging system.

Fiorano Platform

Fiorano Platform Documentation Center

Fiorano Platform includes a comprehensive set of documentation that covers every aspect of its implementation. Besides the online help this includes detailed information on GUI tools provided with Fiorano Platform, the documentation includes PDF files that introduce you to the underlying concepts and help you in installing, configuring, and administering a Fiorano Platform setup.

Release Notes

Besides enriching the Business Component model, Fiorano Platform delivers significant improvement in event throughput across the peer network, while exposing more JMS semantics at the Event Process Composition level. This document lists some of the key features delivered with the Fiorano Platform release. Also included is a list of known limitations of the GA release.

Getting Started

This guide gets you started with the Fiorano Platform. It lists the procedures for starting and shutting down the various Fiorano Platform servers and tools, and provides links to documents containing detailed information on all aspects of Fiorano Platform.