SAP RFC overview


A "Remote Function Call" is a call to a function module running in a system different from the caller's. The remote function can also be called from within the same system (as a remote call). The SAP RFC Interface provides the ability to call remote functions.

SAP RFC Interaction Challenges

Most companies have multiple instances of SAP within an organization. There are various types of RFC scenarios which are built to connect two or more SAP instances. It can be a challenging technical and organizational task for the SAP specialist to develop or edit large numbers of RFC's calls across SAP instances. Mapping of fields and monitoring an SAP RFC involves elaborate coding and consumes enormous amount of time. An SAP specialist knows about the challenges faced while implementing a complex RFC project.

Some common challenges include

  • No way to track the RFC calls for auditing/monitoring purposes.
  • No conditional or content-based RFC routing possible to target SAP Systems.
  • No way to filter/mask sensitive RFC data from the target SAP systems.
  • No way to dynamically populate test SAP environments with live data.

Fiorano SAP RFC Mediation Solution

Fiorano enables the mapping of incoming RFC calls from source to target SAP systems via Fiorano flows. These flows are easily created within the Fiorano Studio which implements an auto mapping capability via simple drag and drop. The automatic creation of the mapping for each RFC calls saves significant programming time over conventional approaches of creating the mappings from scratch.

SPA-RFT Fiorano Flow

Benefits - Quick, Easy Monitoring and Management

  • Content based routing of RCFs to different SAP instances
  • Auto-create RFC mappings: no manual coding
  • Monitor, govern and audit all RFC calls/transactions
  • Scalability - Easily add more SAP instances (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Ability to track requests as they come from the source SAP system.
  • Filtering and masking of data sent to different SAP systems.
  • Ease and speed of development of RFC mapping flows.
  • Out-of-the-box adapters for both inbound and outbound RFC calls.
  • Routing of RFC calls to different SAP instances based on incoming data elements.
  • Inbuilt Queuing/Store-and-forward capability to handle outbound RFC calls.

SPA-RFT Mapping complexity

Mapping complexity

SPA-RFT Mapping complexity

Fiorano SAP RFC Mediation

  • Mapping can be Inferred Instantly
  • Less configuration/management due to reduced mapping effort.
  • Can override specific data values as necessary
  • Allowing filter/masking to be more explicit (less cluttered UI)
  • Easier change management and more productive maintenance