Fiorano B2B

Fiorano B2B™ is an enterprise-level B2B gateway for transacting business electronically with trading partners, distributors, vendors, banks and customers worldwide. Built on a scalable, peer-to-peer hybrid ESB architecture, Fiorano B2B provides secure communications, data transformation and governance between a consolidated community of external business partners.

Fiorano B2B enables the secure exchange of business documents and automates cross-company processes and B2B transactions including purchase orders, requisitions and invoices. With support for all major transport and business protocols, as well as data formats such as XML, electronic data interchange (EDI) and flat files, while giving suppliers browser access, email routing and PDF optical character recognition (OCR) options to transmit data, allowing multichannel integration. Fiorano B2B enables accurate, real-time information exchange across the extended enterprise.

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