FioranoMQ – Key Features

Industry-leading Performance

  • Fastest, lowest-latency Java Messaging for both Publish/Subscribe and Point-to-Point (Queuing) benchmarks. Rated at over 95,000 messages/sec in close benchmark testing
  • Consistent JMS performance leader for over a decade

Comprehensive Support for Standards

  • Supports multiple standards including JMS 2.0, J2EE 1.7, JTA XA Resource API, XML Message Exchange, SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, and TCP/IP. Security standards include SSL, TLS, JCE, LDAP and PKCS

Continuous Availability

  • Implements shared and replicated High-Availability (HA) models with industry-leading performance
  • Simple, "server-side only" HA configuration. Client connections automatically routed to backup serves on failure; in-process transactions resumed with minimal rollback time
  • Client-side persistence for added availability in server-down conditions

Linear Scalability

  • Scales to thousands of concurrent client connections with no loss in performance and server throughput
  • File-based message store specially designed for mission critical communications, maximizing message throughput and minimizing delivery latency. Up to 10 times faster than competitive products

Robust Security

  • Comprehensive authentication and authorization, with support for JAAS and plug-in's for various external systems including LDAP, NT/UNIX realms and databases
  • Up to 256-bit message encryption and plug-in SSL connections for both TCP as well as HTTP[s] connections, with available proxy tunneling and support for Digital Certificates

Global Manageability

  • JMX-compliant management API's and visual tools with extensive support for dynamic configuration, management of networks and destinations, real-time activity monitoring and reporting
  • Logging capabilities for auditing past logs and events. Support for dynamically changing the trace levels for various internal modules reduces the time required to detect, diagnose and respond to problems