Intelligent Connectivity Fabric

The Modern Approach: Intelligent Connectivity Fabric

The modern approach to integration is characterized by intelligent middleware, which forms the basis for what is increasingly being called the "Enterprise Nervous System". Previously monolithic business applications are now being refactored as Service Components that can participate in a variety of business processes; Architects and programmers are shifting their focus towards collections of Service Components that cooperate in the solution of business problems. With the help of new tools that work in concert with the underling enterprise middleware, information flows can now be set up between distributed Service Components without the necessity of middleware-level programming, allowing not just technical experts but also a much larger number of business-analysts to compose, deploy, monitor and change business processes. Business applications, in the form of collections of Service Components, are now seen as entities that plug into the connectivity fabric of the enterprise rather than being the center of attention as in the traditional approach to integration.

Figure 1 : Modern Approach Integration Connectivity

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