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Today's enterprises incorporate a myriad of software applications and platforms including J2EE, .NET, Web Services, UNIX and Legacy Systems developed in multiple languages. Deploying flexible business processes in this environment is a complex, time-consuming and error-prone task, making it difficult to adapt to changing business requirements. Fiorano ESB™ simplifies this task by enabling the rapid assembly, deployment and management of event-driven business processes spanning multiple technology assets using visual tools.

Event Process Choreography

The Fiorano Studio allows end-users to rapidly compose enterprise-scale, interactive business-solutions in the form of event-driven distributed business processes. With the studio, the logical application design is mapped directly to the physical implementation, making the development process easier and more intuitive than that of conventional integration suites. The Studio allows end-users to:

The unique application modeling and development approach employed by Fiorano ESB is simpler than competing architectures but is capable of supporting very large, demanding applications. In addition, strong monitoring features and flexible runtime administration enable dynamic deployment and reconfiguration of application components.

Synthesizing Event-Driven Business Processes

Fiorano Studio allows users with little or no programming experience to synthesize event-driven business processes with loosely-coupled business components derived from existing J2EE, .NET, C/C++/Legacy applications and Web Services. Event-processes are composed by connecting service instances on the studio screen, and the logical design is mapped directly to the physical implementation in the form of services running on ESB-Peers distributed across the network. Business events do not have to traverse a centralized server; instead, events flow directly between independently executing business services running across the network, with process-control centralized conveniently in the hands of the user.

Figure 1 - Composing Event-Driven Business Processes

Deploying event-processes

Once a distributed event-process  is composed, it can be deployed on the Fiorano ESB network spanning geographical boundaries. Fiorano ESB allows you to selectively launch, terminate, modify or configure individual services participating in a distributed event-driven business process based on business requirements without interrupting other services in the application, leading to unprecedented flexibility in creating and deploying event-processes in real-time.

Dynamically modifying and changing event-processes

Fiorano ESB business processes can be modified even when they are executing, allowing seamless implementation of rapidly changing business requirements. For example, if an existing event-process sends an e-mail to a manager on the occurrence of an event and you need to send an SMS instead, you could replace the existing SMTP service (used for sending e-mail) with an SMS service without stopping or interrupting the rest of the business process.

Monitoring event-processes

The Fiorano Studio allows you to centrally monitor the flow of data and intercept events flowing across a live, distributed event process.

Figure 2- Event Interception in live business processes

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