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Fiorano SOA Platform® 11 Release Notes

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The following sections contain details of the important enhancements incorporated in release 11 of the Fiorano ESB/SOA Platform.

Adapters - New Components

  • NEFTConverter: Component to convert NEFT transactions from XML format to NEFT format or vice-versa.
  • AS2Connector: Component to send and receive messages using AS2 protocol.
  • JSONConverter: Component to convert data from JSON format to XML format and vice-versa.
  • EBMSAdapter: Component to send and receive messages according to ebXML Message Service Specification.
  • [SAPB1:88.0] [SAPB1:2004.0] [SAPB1:2005.0] [SAPB1:2007.0]: Components to perform operations on 8.8, 2004, 2005, 2007 versions of SAP Business One ERP Solution respectively.


  • Now user can provide their own SSL configuration parameters like keystore location, truststore location etc for WS Client of Dashboard.
  • Export/Import of an Application will now automatically Export/Import its dependent Applications both from eStudio and CLI tools.
  • User can now replace Application properties in Application zip files using Command Line Interface.
  • Now SBW RDBMS BLOB data storage can be created by Representable data types (XML/CLOB).
  • Auditing Support for Alert Repository.
  • Queue/Topic based encryption support.
  • Support for syslog logging.


  • Peer servers can be labeled as Development/QA/Staging/Production which can be used in Deployment rules, along with Event Processes and Services, allowing/disallowing access to certain Peers to certain users.
  • The new Queue Manager tool in eStudio can be used to monitor the pending messages on ALL queues in ALL running applications.
  • When FES is launched in HA mode and Studio is connected to the active server, if the active server fails and the passive becomes active, then Studio will reconnect to the new active server.
  • SBW/Event Database details in a profile can now be edited through eStudio.
  • XPath selectors on route can be configured using a visual XPath editor.
  • eMapper - An option is provided to auto-arrange funclets in the Funclet View.