• La plateforme d'intégration FioranoESB 9 assure la communication et l'interopérabilité des systèmes et des applications, en s'appuyant sur le JMS le plus rapide et le plus sûr du marché. Une interface graphique intuitive permet de définir les chemins et les transformations de telle sorte que le passage du modèle à l'application opérationnelle est instantané. Learn More »
  • Enterprise Class Technology

    Peer to peer architecture

    Massive Scalability

    Continuous Availability

    Zero Project failures

  • Rapid Application Development

    Design, Configure, Execute and Monitor business logic

    Comprehensive set of prebuilt components/adapters

    Single view for business and implementation teams

    Connect, Distribute and Execute with minimal programming

  • Cloud Enabled Platform

    Seamless on-premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration

    Cross over business process integration

    High availability Messaging across the Globe

    Scalable, reliable and real-time, Pay-as-you-go infrastructure

  • Half the Programmers, Half the Time

    Performance and Reuse of existing logic

    Wizards-based setup and configurations

    Dynamically distribute processes across multiple machines

    Less moving parts compared with competitive products

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"We found that developing and deploying new processes, as well as modifying and redeploying existing processes was much faster with Fiorano in comparison with BizTalk and Mule open source..." Read More »

"For the United States Coast Guard, adopting enterprise-wide SOA as part of our Enterprise Architecture Framework was a necessity to deliver..." Read More »

"As very active users of Fiorano's latest software, we are delighted to find that we have become masters of reuse of components within our projects..." Read More »

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