The preferred-server is typically used by client applications that have previously created durable subscriptions on a particular FioranoMQ server within a known server cluster, and wish to reconnect to the same server to retrieve messages. The preferred server may be set using Fiorano Studio.

The FioranoMQ cluster may be set using the Fiorano Admin Studio. Log onto the FioranoMQ server (with Dispatcher enabled). A Dispatcher node in the Explorer tree is displayed which may be used to manage the FioranoMQ cluster. Servers from the cluster managed by this dispatcher may be added or removed. The status of existing servers in the cluster may be viewed. Managing the Dispatcher includes:

  • Adding and removing servers connected to the cluster.
  • Setting the Preferred Server in the Cluster managed by the Dispatcher
  • Setting the maximum number of client connections (as a weightage) to a Server.

For more information on how to perform the above tasks using Fiorano Studio, refer to the section 23.8 Working with Dispatcher.

In addition to the above, FioranoMQ provides comprehensive APIs to control and manage the dispatcher and the cluster associated with it.

Detailed information on these APIs is available in the JavaDocs provided with the FioranoMQ installation package.

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