Native Support

Question 1: Can FioranoMQ be used through language APIs other than Java?
FioranoMQ provides C/C++ native runtime client libraries that can be used by the C/C++ applications to connect to the FioranoMQ server. FioranoMQ also provides C# assemblies which can be used by .Net applications to exchange information with other JMS/native clients. In addition to this, FioranoMQ provides C/C++ wrappers and ActiveX components to publish and receive messages.
Question 2: How does the FioranoMQ C++ Runtime Library support JMS/Java?
C++ Runtime Library provides complete JMS support (PubSub and PTP). Support for C++ APIs is provided using both the native runtime library and the JNI (Java Native Interface) library. This implies that the clients have an option to use either the native library or the JNI library as per their requirements
Question 3: What are the requirements for native C++ implementation?
Native C++ library is a simple C++ binary (library/DLL) with no external dependencies.

Environment Settings and Initializations

Question 4: Are there any platform dependencies and/or requirements for the C++ FioranoMQ Runtime Library?
C++ Runtime Library has been tested and certified to work with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and above on Windows NT platform. On Solaris, the C++ Runtime library has been tested and certified to work with Apogee's APCC 4.0 compiler and Sun Workshop 5.0 and above. C++ Runtime library requires an ANSI compliant compiler. Refer to the C++ Runtime Library Guide for complete details on the usage of the C++ Runtime Library.
Question 5: Does the C++ Runtime Library require a JVM or a java client to be distributed with a client application?
FioranoMQ provides both a native runtime library as well as a JNI library. In case you are using the native C++ library, you do not need a JVM, but in case the JNI library is used, you have to include the C++ runtime with a jre (1.1.8 or higher) on all client installations.
Question 6: What is the purpose of JAVA_HOME?
The JNI C++ runtime library needs a dll from the JRE installation. It loads the JVM.dll from %JAVA_HOME%/bin/server directory.
Question 7: How do I link FioranoMQ JNI C++ DLL with JDK1.2.2?
To link FioranoMQ JNI C++ library with jdk1.2.2, you have to ensure that jvm.dll is located in the system PATH. System PATH has a reference to locate Message-Adaptor.dll.
Question 8: Does FioranoMQ C++ runtime support jdk1.3?
FioranoMQ does provide support for jdk/jre1.3.
Question 9: What is the utility of MessageAdaptor.dll?
MessageAdaptor represents an instance of the installed C++ callback. Fiorano's Java runtime libraries asynchronously invoke the installed C++ callbacks using the MessageAdaptor.dll.

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