JMX Notifications generated by the server

The table below shows a list of Mbeans that generate JMX Notifications along with the conditions in which these notifications are generated.

Notification Condition

MBean's Object Name

Pubsub Notifications

Topic Creation and Deletion


Opening, Closing and Setting of client ID on a Topic Connection


Creation and Deletion of Topic Connection Factory


Opening and Closing of a Topic Subscriber


Opening and Closing of a Topic Publisher


Ptp Notifications

Opening and Closing of a Queue Sender


Opening and Closing of a Queue Receiver


Queue Creation and Deletion


Opening, Closing and setting of client ID on a Queue Connection


Creation and Deletion of a Queue Connection Factory


Number of messages in a queue exceeding the threshold defined at queue level


Enabling and Disabling Notifications

By default all events are enabled. However, it is possible to turn on or off selective events in the server.

The server requires an instance of EventManager (which Is an implementation of NotificationBroadCaster) for each type of event. These event managers are passed to QueuingSubSystem and TopicSubSystem as dependencies. If an Event Manager dependency is left unresolved the event corresponding to that dependency is turned off.

The figure above shows all dependencies of Queuing Sub System in FioranoMQ. To turn off Queue Events set QueueEventManager to null. Similarly, to turn off Topic Connection Events set TCFEventManager to null.

Notification Classes

The FioranoMQ Server, when generating an event, creates an instance of a class depending on the event being generated. The FioranoMQ Server then inserts the required information within this instance raises the event. The diagram below shows various Notification classes and the relationships between them. 
The diagram, below, shows the event ID (in blue) set by the server when generating the event. This ID can be used by any application to specify a filter when receiving events.

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