Configuring FioranoMQTT Server

To allow MQTT Connections at the FioranoMQTT Server default port (1883), please modify the Configs.xml file present in the Conf folder located at $Fiorano_home/fmq/profiles/<Profile-In-Use>(FioranoMQ). The modification required is mentioned below.

Add the parameter-value pair 'Mqtt="true"' under the "CONNECTION_MANAGER" tag.

After adding the parameter-value, the default Configs.xml file will have the following "CONNECTION_MANAGER" tag:

Starting FioranoMQ Server

The FioranoMQ Server can be launched over the default profile using the fmq script. This script can be found in the fmq\bin folder of the installation directory. Alternatively, the same can be done on Windows using Start Menu > Programs > Fiorano > FioranoMQ > FioranoMQ Server

Launching Studio with Default Setup

Fiorano Studio can be launched from command line using the following steps:

  1. Open Console
  2. Go to %FIORANO_HOME%\Studio\bin (On UNIX, go to $FIORANO_HOME/Studio/bin)
  3. Launch studio using Studio.exe or based on the platform used.
  4. Alternatively, Fiorano Studio can be launched from Start Menu > Programs > Fiorano > FioranoMQ > FioranoMQ Studio > Fiorano Studio

Resetting Studio

Studio remembers various configurable settings. In order to reset Studio and bring it back to original default settings, use the script reset provided in the studio\bin folder of the installation directory.  

Setting up System Environment

The FioranoMQ Server, tools, and samples require various properties to be set. These properties are FIORANO_HOME, FMQ_DIR, and JAVA_HOME, and are set by fiorano_vars.bat or Both of the aforementioned are located at the base FioranoMQ installation directory. The user may also set additional parameters using this script. This script is invoked when launching the server, Studio or running/compiling samples.

Running and Compiling the Samples

FioranoMQ samples can be run using the FioranoMQ console which can be launched from Start Menu > Programs > Fiorano > FioranoMQ > FioranoMQ Console. Samples can be found at %FMQ_DIR%\samples directory. The script runClient available in the fmq\bin folder of the installation directory can be used to execute a sample while the script compile-client (available in the same directory) can be used to compile it.


Compiled class files are not shipped along with the installer, the user needs to compile them by following the instructions and prerequisites mentioned in the readme files of each sample.

Running FioranoMQ Server as Service

The FioranoMQ server can also be run as NT services. Pre-built configurations for all the shipped profiles can be found in %FMQ_DIR%\bin\service. Please refer the readme.txt file stored in this folder for detailed instructions regarding running them as NT services.


FioranoMQ Server can also be run as a service in a Unix environment.

Server Startup Parameters

FioranoMQ supports the concept for Container and deployable profiles. A number of arguments can be passed to the container while deploying a profile. These arguments are summarized below.

For UNIX: Use instead of fmq.bat in the above command.




Home directory where profiles will be present.
Default = %FMQ_DIR%\profiles


Profile to be deployed in Fiorano Container.
Default = FioranoMQ


Database path for the configured Profile. Default = %FMQ_DIR%\run


Conf directory path for the configured Profile.


Inquires whether or not to save server configurations on shutdown.
Default = false


Prints help options.

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