This guide provides an introduction to FioranoMQ C RunTime library. It also provides a summary of the various functions based on their usage and a detailed description of the APIs included in this library. Additionally, the guide also details out the steps involved in compiling and running CRTL sample applications.

FioranoMQ C runtime library (CRTL) allows C and Java programs to communicate seamlessly. This version of CRTL supports both secure and non-secure TCP and HTTP connections on Win32 and Solaris platforms for Point-to-Point and Publish/Subscribe communication models. FioranoMQ provides C Runtime API library compatible with Microsoft Visual C++ and GNU C Compilers. The static Runtime Library provided by FioranoMQ is named 'fmq-crtl.lib' and for GNU C Compiler it is named "libfmq-crtl.a".

Related Documentation

For complete information on the available RunTime libraries, we strongly recommend you go through the entire range of FioranoMQ RTL Documentation. 

Table 1: Related Documentation

Document Name


Native C++ Runtime Library Guide

Contains a description of FioranoMQ native C++ Runtime APIs

Native C# Runtime Library Guide

Contains a description of FioranoMQ C# Runtime APIs

JNI based C++ Runtime Library Guide

Provides an introduction to FioranoMQ C++ Runtime APIs


Contains "javadoc style" documentation on all public Fiorano classes

Following are the topics covered:

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