This chapter explains the various steps involved in running the sample programs which are shipped as part of the installer.

Organization of Samples Provided

The sample programs illustrating the use of C++RTL for PubSub and PTP Operations are organized into the following categories.

  • Pubsub: This directory contains sample programs, which illustrate basic JMS Publish/Subscribe functionality, using the C++RTL.
  • Ptp: This directory contains sample programs which illustrate JMS send-receive mechanism using the C++RTL.
  • Unified: This directory contains sample programs which illustrate the JMS Send-Receive functionality using unified APIs.

Compiling and Running the Samples

To run the samples using FioranoMQ, perform the following steps:
Compile each of the source files, using the script file, cppclientbuild.bat, in the fmq\ clients\cpp\native\scripts folder. Environment settings like path, compiler settings can be modified in the cppclientbuild.bat (.sh script for UNIX platform) file.
For information on compiling and running these samples please refer to the readme file in the cpp\native\samples directory of FioranoMQ installation.

Operating Environments

The JMS C/C++ RTL supports client applications for each of the following operating systems. Table 1 lists the compiler for each client platform.
Table 1. Message Service Client for C/C++ platforms and compilers

Operating System


Microsoft Windows XP/Server 2000/Server 2003 (Intel 32 bit)

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 (Visual C++ 7.1), Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

Fedora/Cent OS/Open Suse Linux (Intel 32 bit)

gcc 4.1.2

Fedora/Cent OS/Open Suse Linux (x86_64)

gcc 4.1.2

Sun Solaris 5.10 (Intel 32 bit)

gcc 3.4.3

Sun Solaris 5.10 (SPARC)

gcc 3.4.3


Limitations of C++ RTL

Exception handling is limited to CJMSException and any variation is implemented by varying the error Code and error description parameters.
C++RTL provides a limited set of APIs for the end user, which just allows messaging using Pub/Sub or Sender/Receiver.

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