JMS entities like Destinations and Connection Factories (also collectively known as administered objects) are well defined in JMS Specifications. The roles of these objects as well as their APIs are well defined. However JMS specifications do not state how to obtain an instance of these objects. It is left to the JMS Provider to provide instances of these objects to an application.  FioranoMQ allows applications to use JNDI APIs to obtain instances of Administered objects. For additional information on JNDI, please refer to:

The use of JNDI allows the application code to be Standards Based without the need to import Fiorano specific classes. FioranoMQ provides a limited implementation of the directory server. This is done so that an end user need not configure information from a third party directory server for using FioranoMQ.

FioranoMQ also allows applications to store and retrieve administered objects in a third party external LDAP server. FioranoMQ allows its applications to create a new instance of an administered object (destination or queue) and use it in all JMS operations. This requires using non-standard Fiorano specific APIs in the application.

Following topics are covered in this chapter:

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