Following topics are covered in this chapter:

FioranoMQ supports HTTP as the transport protocol between JMS clients and MQ Servers. This allows JMS communications to flow through corporate firewalls/proxies. Implementing this feature insulates the protocol layer from JMS application development. The client side environment is responsible for determining the protocol to be used for communication. All protocols - TCP, Secure TCP (JSSE), and HTTP behave in a similar manner. Selecting the protocol to be used is based on the configuration of the application developer. Synchronous and asynchronous communications are available regardless of protocol choice.

HTTP is typically used to communicate across the internet. If the FioranoMQ Server is to directly process messages received from clients over the internet, it must be deployed in a manner similar to a web-server. The HTTP support in FioranoMQ provides the necessary features that make it function as a web server enabling it to handle HTTP requests. Using HTTP Tunneling a direct connection between client and server can be established.

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