FioranoMQ Server (FioranoMQ Server) is designated with backup server when it runs on High Availability mode, which is started along with the primary FioranoMQ Server. In case the primary server is unavailable due to any reason, the backup server picks up all the messaging traffic immediately. This pair of primary and its backup server is known as an Enterprise Server and would be used to describe this pair throughout this document.
The Enterprise Server represents a Highly Available entity, which appears as a single FioranoMQ Server to its applications. JMS application connects to the primary FioranoMQ server when initializing, if available. If the primary server goes down due to any reason, all connections are automatically routed to the backup server and communications are restored immediately. Since, all this is transparent to the client application; the client application should not concern about reconnecting logic in its code as it is handled by FioranoMQ's runtime internally.

Figure 1: Enterprise Server

2.1 Terminology

Primary Server: The server running with Primary Profile.
Secondary Server: The server running with Secondary Profile.
Failover: The process of shifting from the primary server to the backup server or vice versa is termed as Failover.
HA Layer configuration: The HA Layer configuration deals with configuring the peer server details. The important configuration parameters defined in this layer are Primary (true or false), Lockfile, BackupHAPort, BackupHAIPAddress, GatewayServerIPAddress, and GatewayServerPort. This configuration is required to be done in both replication and shared HA modes.

2.2 Types of Fiorano HA

FioranoMQ provides complete flexibility to administrators. There are two modes in which HA can be run:

  1. Shared HA
  2. Replicated HA

2.2.1 Shared HA

In this mode the database is shared between the active and passive servers. Whenever the active server goes down, the passive server becomes active and uses the database that is being shared.

2.2.2 Replicated HA

In this mode, the database is replicated from active server to the passive server. Also, whenever a server is disconnected from the network and reconnects, the database of the active server is replicated into the passive server. This data include message data, admin/security data as well as status information whatever changes are made when the passive server was down.

2.3 Requirements

Fiorano's HA solution is purely implemented in software and is not dependent on expensive hardware solutions.

2.3.1 Hardware

With Shared database option, one might want to use a RAID or SAN disks if using HA over Fiorano's proprietary file based data store for enhanced speed and stability, but these hardware are not an essential component of Fiorano's HA solution. This hardware can also be avoided by using either replication support or using a central RDBMS server as the message store in the Enterprise Server.

2.3.2 Software

It can run on any java supported platform.

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