This chapter contains an overview of the C++RTL specific data types and constants. A brief explanation of each data type along with sizes is provided.

Basic Data Types and their Sizes

This section lists the basic data types used in C++RTL APIs, indicating the size of each.

  • mqbyte - Data defined to occupy 8 bits (unsigned).
  • mqchar - Data defined to occupy 8 bits.
  • mqshort - Data defined to occupy 16 bits.
  • mqint - Data defined to occupy 32 bits.
  • mqlong - Data defined to occupy 64 bits.
  • mqfloat - Data defined to occupy 32 bits.
  • mqdouble - Data defined to occupy 64 bits.

C++RTL Constants

All required public constants are categorized and declared in common_def.h according to JMS specifications.

Messaging related constants are required while creating sessions and sending messages to a queue or topic on the FioranoMQ Server.

Following are the possible values of the acknowledgement mode that can be used while creating a TopicSession or a QueueSession:

  • #define AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE 1

Following are the permissible values for the message delivery mode that can be used in publish or send call. The persistence of a message is decided using these constants:

  • #define NON_PERSISTENT 1
  • #define PERSISTENT 2

Following are the string representations of the various message types that can be sent by a C client to the FioranoMQ Server. A call of MSG_getJMSType returns one of these values:

  • #define JMSMESSAGE “Message"
  • #define BYTESMESSAGE "BytesMessage"
  • #define STREAMMESSAGE "StreamMessage"
  • #define MAPMESSAGE "MapMessage"
  • #define TEXTMESSAGE "TextMessage"

Following are some of the permissible values for message priority that can be used in publish or send call:

  • #define MinPriority 0
  • #define MaxPriority 9
  • #define LowPriority 0
  • #define NormPriority 4
  • #define HighPriority 9

Naming convention

The C++RTL adheres to the following naming convention for you to easily identify the classes, constants and member functions with the corresponding definitions in JMS specifications.


Naming Convention



C<JMSClass name>



As defined in JMS specifications


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