Today's real-time enterprise solutions often deploy messaging middleware that enables communication between various sub components. This middleware is entrusted with important data that should be delivered reliably and as fast as possible to the recipient application. The middleware server might also be required to store this data in its data store until it is delivered.
A failure in the middleware message bus can bring the entire system to its knees within seconds. It is absolutely imperative for the messaging backbone to provide a backup facility that allows messaging operations to resume quickly in the event of a failure. This backup server restores the state of the original message server to the state prior to failure. Any data stored in the server's data store is accessible through the backup server. Switching from one server to its back up should be automatic and transparent to the client application.
FioranoMQ implements High Availability (HA), which allows JMS applications to take advantage of in-built fault tolerance capabilities. This chapter discusses the salient features of FioranoMQ's HA solution. It explains the functions and underlying architecture of the entire solution together with step-by-step instructions for enabling HA in FioranoMQ.

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