Following topics are covered in this chapter:

The exchange of events based messaging data is an important function of business enterprises. Messaging comprises of communication between software applications or between objects in distributed system.
Fiorano's messaging solution is based on JMS 1.1 standards for enterprise messaging.

FioranoMQ® (FMQ) is a high-performance, stable, and secure Java implementation of JMS. Fiorano's messaging solution reduces the development time of applications requiring a messaging infrastructure. The automatic store-and-forward capability of Fiorano's messaging solution across multiple servers ensures high scalability, high availability as well as high performance of message delivery which is across the faulty networks.

Distributed transaction support within FioranoMQ ensures high levels of consistency and reliability of message delivery; this aids the process of developing and deploying internet, intranet and extranet applications.

FioranoMQ is JMX-enabled making it easy for administrators to manage and monitor its server. FioranoMQ includes libraries written in C, C++ and C# for all major platforms. These native runtime libraries allow non-java clients to talk directly to the java server and exchange information with JMS-compliant clients.

FioranoMQ security includes integrated JSSE support. The Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) enables secure internet communication using Java SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. Developers can, therefore, enable secure data transfer between client and server.

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