This chapter explains the parameters that can be configured for the FioranoMQ Bridge which enables inter-operability between FioranoMQ and different messaging queue vendors. These are the various parameters that are configured under the FioranoMQàFioranoàBridgeà* tree node in the Bridge Profile in Offline configuration using Studio.

For more information on FioranoMQ Bridge, refer to Chapter 12 Bridge of FioranoMQ Handbook.


Presented below are the details for the parameters present in Fiorano->Bridge->FioranoBridge->FioranoConnectionManager->config-><LinkName>-><ServerName>->ConnectionInfo.


The ServerType parameter is needed to mention the type of the Server being used.

Default Value:

JMS - The default type of server.


The ProviderURL value specifies where the Server is currently running.

The ProviderUrl parameter allows the User to configure the bridge that links the queues present on different FioranoMQ Servers. The URL of the source/target Server should be given here.

Default Value:

http://localhost:1856 - The default provider URL of the server.


The InitialContectFactory parameter specifies the class name of the initial context factory which is used to open connection with the specified Server.

Default Value:

fiorano.jms.runtime.naming.FioranoInitialContextFactory - The initial context factory class used.



The BridgeUser parameter is the User Name which the bridge uses to connect to the Server.

Default Value:

Anonymous - The default bridge user name.


The BridgePassword is the password which the bridge uses to connect to the Server.

Default Value:

Anonymous - The default password.


The QCF parameter specifies the connection factory with which the connection is to be established.

Default Value:

primaryQCF - The default connection factory used for forming the connection.


The Protocol parameter specifies the transport protocol used for establishing a connection with the Server.

Default Value:

TCP - The default transport protocol used for the connection.


The SecurityPrincipal parameter is the User Name used to connect to the Server.

Default Value:

ayrton - The default username.


The SecurityCredentials parameter is the Password used to connect to the Server.

Default Value:

Senna - The default password.


The ServerSecurityManager parameter is the Security Manager of the server linked by a bridge.

Default Value:

Null - No server Security Manager.


Presented below are the details for the parameters present in Fiorano->Bridge->FioranoBridge->FioranoConnectionManager->config-><LinkName>-><ChannelName>-><Target/Source Queue>->QueueInfo.


The message selector of the queue. Allows the user to set message selectors for the source/target queues which have been linked using bridges.

Default Value:

Null - No message selector is used


The QueueName parameter is the name of the queue present in the target/source Server to be linked by the bridge. This parameter allows Users to configure links between different queues available on the server.

Default Value:

primaryQueue - The name of the queue which the bridge links.

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