• From FioranoMQ 10.2.0 version onwards, ConnectionManager instance can be added only through eStudio and not using configs.cfg file.
  • This configuration is done in the offline mode.
  1. Launch the Fiorano eStudio. Open the Profile Manager, and open the profile where the socket acceptor is to be added.
  2. In the profile, select the domain to which the new socket acceptor is added. The default FioranoMQ profile has socket acceptors at the following nodes in the tree Fiorano > socketAcceptors. Fiorano recommends adding a new sub-domain (for instance, port-2) to this domain, along with a new socket acceptor.
  3. Right-click on the desired domain, and select AddComponents. The AddComponentstoProfile dialog box appears. Navigate to Fiorano > FioranoFw > Services
  4. Select the component ConnectionManager1 from the new dialog box.


    More than one instance can be added by specifying the desired Instance Count in the Properties pane.

  5. Click the OK button to add the selected instance(s) to the profile. The dependencies of the newly added component(s) have to be resolved. All unresolved dependencies are marked with an error icon which is red in color. 


    In addition to the Manager instance, an instance of the SocketReadHandler is added to the profile as well.

  6. To resolve dependencies, open the DependsOn property of the newly added Connection Manager and the associated SocketReadHandler. For each dependency marked with a red colored icon, select the desired instance from the drop-down list from the Properties field.


    Any existing instance for a dependency could be used to resolve it.

  7. Right-click on the profile root node, and select Validate to ensure that all dependencies are resolved.
  8. Modify the port number for the newly added socket acceptor, so that it is different from the port number in use by existing socket acceptor.
  9. Right-click on the profileroot node, and select Save to save the profile.

4.4.1 Configuring Single Socket Acceptor for Admin


This configuration can only be done in offline mode.

  1. Open the eStudio, and open the FiranoMQ profile.
  2. Navigate to FioranoMQ > Fiorano > etc > FMQConfigLoader > UseSingleSocketForAdmin.


    By default, the value will be in the enabled state. Turning this flag on starts a thread for admin connection that waits for data on the socket. Any loss of connection is detected immediately.

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