Common problems encountered while creating a custom MBean Service. See the solutions provided:

ClassNotFoundException. Unable to find the MBean service.Set the custom service jar in the CLASSPATH either by editing fmq.bat or editing the system CLASSPATH.
Service created was unable to register.Custom MBean must extend fiorano.jms.jmx.ComponentMBean.
Start this as the last service of the Server (since this service is dependent on other services).Add this service in a separate list file and append this file to the end of the list files in the deploy.xml. See Sample 3.
Custom code written in the lifecycle methods (create, start, and stop) is not getting called.Write the custom code in the createService(), startService(), stopService() instead of in the create, start and stop methods.
Deployed the service in the service, but it is taking too long to perform a lookup for CF & Destinations.Set the property TransportProtocol to LPC for FioranoJNDIContext and execute the lookup. Without this change, the normal lookup is performed.
XML metadata not found for the classThe .xml file is not available at the correct location. Add the XML file in the same location as the class file. Create the jar again and copy it to the location mentioned in fmq.conf.
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