Below are the steps to create and register a custom MBean Service for the FioranoMQ Server:

1. Create Service: (See Sample 1.)

    1. Create an MBean Java Class and extend the fiorano.jms.jmx.ComponentMBean.
    2. Override life cycle methods including createService(), startService() and stopService() which are invoked by the Fiorano Server during server initialization.
    3. Write the code specific to the service in these methods. (Look at the sample 1.)
    4. Compile using compile-client.bat.
    5. Write an .xml file of the same name describing the MBean's attributes and save it in the same directory as the MBean class file. Create a jar file. (See Sample 4.)Update the fmq.conf with the location of this jar file (under the java.classpath heading).
    6. To install FioranoMQ as a Windows NT Service, update %FIORANO_HOME%/WinService/conf/fmq.conf with the location of this jar file.

Sample 1:


2. Configure Service: (See Sample 2.) 

  1. Create a directory in the %FIORANO_INSTALL_DIR%\fmq\profiles\FioranoMQ\deploy\services.
  2. For example- Create a directory PubSubTest in the location. Create a service descriptor file with the MBean Class name, the name and type of service and copy this file into the above directory.
  3. If this service is dependent on other services, use the dependent element in the Service Descriptor:


4. If the service on which this is dependent is not known, configure this service to start after all other Server services have started. as stated in step 3

Sample 2:

3. Deploy Service: (See Sample 3.) 

    1. If the required dependencies have been specified in the service descriptor file then this file can be appended to any the FioranoMQ.lst file. (Note: The sorting order is defined by the dependency specified not by the location of the dependency in the file.)
    2. If required dependencies have not been specified start the service after all other Server services are started. Create a separate list file and add service entries to this file. Add this file to the end of the list file entries in the deploy.xml file.

Sample 3:


4. Start the FioranoMQ server

Sample 4:

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