17.2.1 Enabling Journaling flag

In order to replicate messages on a destination, the Journaling function on that destination has to be turned ON. This can be done through eStudio in online mode or from the Fiorano Web Management Tool. Given below is the procedure that can be followed to enable journaling on Queues. Similar procedures can be followed for Topics also. Online Mode

  1. Launch Admin Studio and connect to a FioranoMQ 9 Server that is running through the Server Explorer pane.
  2. Navigate to QueueingSubSystem node and right-click to select View Operations option.
  3. From the list of APIs displayed, select setEnableJournalingOnQueue(queueName, enableJournaling).
  4. Modify the values of the parameters queueName and enablejournaling and click the setEnableJournalingOnQueue button.

4. Click the Close button.

To use the Web Management Tool, click on JMX > ConfigureFMQServer and go through the path Fiorano > mq > ptp > PtPManager > QueueingSubSystem to click on the Operations tab. Call on the operation setEnableJournalingOnQueue and set the values for the parameters queueName and enablejournaling.

17.2.2 JournalingQueuePrefix Parameter

An additional parameter used in the MessageJournaling, that is, JournalingQueuePrefix/JournalingTopicPrefix. This is used as the prefix for a name when creating Journaling destination for a particular destination. This can be configured from eStudio in both Offline and Online modes. As an example, if the prefix is JOURNAL_, and is its default value as well, then the journaling destination corresponding to the PRIMARYQUEUE will be JOURNAL_PRIMARYQUEUE. Online mode

  1. Launch Admin Studio and connect to a FioranoMQ Server through the Server Explorer pane.
  2. Navigate to the QueueingSubSystem and select the config node.
  3. In the Properties pane on the right side, modify values of the parameter JournalingQueuePrefix.

For setting the JournalingTopicPrefix parameter through eStudio in the online mode,

  1. Login to the FioranoMQ server using the FMQ-JMX login.
  2. Go to Fiorano > mq > pubsub > PubSubManager > TopicSubSystem > config
  3. Set the JournalingTopicPrefix flag to 'JOURNAL_'. Offline mode

  1. Launch the Fiorano eStudio and open the Profile Manager. Right-click the Profiles node and select Open Profile from the pop-up menu. Select the required profile and click the Open button.
  2. Navigate within the component tree to select the bean under the ptp > QueueingSubSystem node.
  3. In the properties panel, edit the parameter JournalingQueuePrefix entering the required value.
  4. Navigate within the component tree to select the bean corresponding to pubsub > TopicSubSystem node.
  5. In the properties panel, edit the parameter JournalingQueuePrefix or JournalingTopicPrefix entering the required value.
  6. Right-click the node and click Save.

  • By default, on System Topics such as Snooper Topics (SYSTEM_MESSAGESNOOPER_QUEUE and SYSTEM_MESSAGESNOOPER_TOPIC) and Events Topic (EVENTS_TOPIC), message journaling is COMPLETELY DISABLED. The user cannot Enable/Disable the EnableJournaling flag on these topics. 
  • By default, the EnableJournaling flag is set to 'False' for each destination in the Server.
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