16.2.1 eStudio

  1. Launch Admin Studio and connect to a FioranoMQ Server through the Server Explorer Pane.
  2. Select the Snooper node in the tree and right-click and select Snoop Messages from the pop-up menu as shown in the figure below,.

3. This opens a new window displaying Snooped messages.

4. Selecting a message in this window displays all the properties as well as the body of the incoming message.

  • To verify this setup, right-click on a queue (that has Snooper enabled) and select produce a message. This message should be visible in the Snooper window described above.
  • The parameter MaximumBufferSize refers to the maximum amount of data that eStudio holds for viewing. If the total data being stored exceeds this value, it clears the existing messages (or clears new incoming messages if the checkbox Discard Incoming Messages if buffer full is checked).

16.2.2 Programmatically

If an application Snoops messages on a destination, it needs to create Subscriber(s) on the System Snooper Topic, which is:


The subscriber gets all messages published on a topic or a queue that has Snooper configured on it.

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